This is a regularly updated chart of where Agoric is headed, what our major milestones will be, and when we plan to meet them.

  • Create a Keplr Wallet
    The Keplr web and mobile crypto wallet supports BLD tokens and enables you to take part in Agoric governance proposals. Learn More
  • Article: CoinList Public Sale Distribution
    Learn what comes next for BLD following our CoinList public sale. Learn More
  • Parity Stability Module for Inter Protocol
    This mechanism enables IST to be traded for a high-quality stablecoin, and provides timely, low cost arbitrage opportunities to incentivize maintaining parity with the US dollar. Learn about the module
  • Multi-facet virtual objects implemented in Swingset
    This capability makes the kernel more robust, and improves performance when handling many objects.
  • Restival: Purple Team Security Review of Inter Protocol
    This week-long security review of the architecture, contracts, and code that make up the Inter Protocol stablecoin economy included participants from Agoric, Iqlusion, and Informal Systems. Browse the issues
  • Guide: How to Write a Governance Proposal
    While some proposals are small, others like adopting a new feature of the agoric-sdk are more complex and require coordination. Learn how to write a proposal. Read now
  • AMA: How to Choose a Validator Service
    Join us for a Twitter Spaces AMA with Emanuel of Globex Inc. to discuss how new BLD holders can evaluate which validator service to stake their tokens with. Listen now
  • Fireside: Validator Deep Dive
    Join our Twitter Spaces with Gabriela Tarabuta of Stake2earn, Phuc Pham of STC Capital, and Edouard Lavidalle of Stakin for an informed discussion with validators on the Agoric blockchain. Listen now
  • Virtual/durable types utilized in Inter Protocol contracts
    The conversion to virtual and durable objects will improve performance and scalability of the contracts and mechanisms that power the core of Agoric’s stablecoin economy.
  • Upgraded Liquidation Mechanism for Vaults
    The vault liquidation pathway will be upgraded to consider vault size and external market price data prior to performing liquidation on the native AMM. This will significantly reduce risk of Inter Protocol debt shortfalls.
  • Inter Protocol Preview Release available on Devnet
    A functionally complete preview of the Inter Protocol code that includes the contracts, code, and mechanisms of the Inter Protocol will be available for deployment on devnet. Initial front ends will be included with post-launch upgrades planned. Track Progress and Milestones
  • Swingset Security Vulnerability Assessment Kickoff
    As part of the security assessment program for mainnet-1 launch, Agoric engaged a world-class security firm to examine the architecture and application security of Swingset, the Agoric VM.
  • Join us at the Cosmos Gateway Hackathon in Prague
    Buy your ticket to attend May 16-17 in Prague. Network with the leading Cosmos projects, attend workshops, and take part in unforgettable parties! Register today
  • Check Your BLD Address
    Confirm that the BLD you purchased during the public sale has been distributed to your wallet by checking your public address on the block explorer. Check explorer
  • Stake Your BLD
    To support mainnet-1 and Inter Protocol launch, Agoric will share helpful resources on the importance of staking, from how it secures our chain to how-to guides on staking and choosing a validator service. Stake today
  • Vote: Elect the Inter Protocol Economic Committee
    Vote on the economic committee that will support the economic design of IST. Join Governance Forum
  • Discuss Staking Rewards in Governance
    Chat with the community about BLD and IST rewards and its parameters for those who secure the chain by staking BLD. Join the conversation
  • Buy your ticket to Next Web Conference in Amsterdam
    Join us at The Next Web Conference, June 16-17, in Amsterdam. Our CEO, Dean Tribble, will speak on the next-generation of power of DeFi. Register today
  • Upgradeable Chain Contracts
    This functionality improves the process of maintaining and updating contract code after its initial deployment on-chain. Follow the design discussion
  • On-chain wallet
    This wallet will smooth the user experience in onboarding to Agoric. The on-chain wallet includes native support for ERTP and Zoe and allows signing to be handled by a third party wallet such as Keplr.
  • Off-chain Read API and Notifications
    Using the RPC API, this functionality will enable off-chain observability of contract code and chain state. This is necessary for front ends to efficiently render important contract state, such as a price quote on the AMM, and will allow for external analytics on core economy contracts.
  • Kernel message prioritization and backpressure management
    This feature will improve scalability and message delivery in Swingset.
  • Security testing of Inter Protocol Preview Release on devnet
    When available, the feature-complete preview release will be the target of rigorous product security testing that includes static analysis, fuzzing, and pentests that challenge the security assumptions of the code.
  • Inter Protocol Vulnerability Assessment
    As part of the security assessment program for the launch of the Inter Protocol, Agoric has engaged a world-class security firm to examine the code, contracts, and architecture that make up our stablecoin economy.
  • Purple Team Security Review Reports Publication for ERTP, Zoe, and Inter Protocol
    The Agoric team regularly invests in week-long application security reviews of the code that will power mainnet, the economy, and beyond. Each review produces a report that provides a snapshot of the maturity and resilience of the code.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Reports for ERTP and Zoe Published
    In 2021, Agoric engaged Least Authority to thoroughly review the application security of the ERTP and Zoe, our rights transfer protocol and smart contract language and platform.
  • Join us at Consensus from June 9-12 in Austin, TX
    Consensus 2022 gathers thousands of industry participants and over 400 speakers for 4 days of networking and innovation. Get your ticket and meet the Agoric team! Register today
  • Public Sale Option 1 BLD Tokens Unlock
    The first tranche of tokens purchased in the CoinList public sale will unlock.
  • Join us at NFT.NYC from June 20-23
    Grab your ticket and meet the Agoric team for the 4th annual NFT industry event. Register today
  • Mainnet-1 performance and scalability testing
    An additional round of intensive load testing will ensure that Agoric’s goals for a robust, resilient chain are met.
  • Inter Protocol production-ready front ends
    Initial front ends provided in the Inter Protocol preview release will be upgraded with new functionality and improved look-and-feel. These front ends will be available for third party hosting of the Inter Protocol applications.
  • Mainnet-1 Preview Release available
    A functionally complete preview of the code that will power mainnet-1 will be available for deployment on devnet. Track Milestones and Progress
  • Economic Stress Testing of Inter Protocol on devnet
    This Platinum Team exercise will test the resilience of the stablecoin economy under load, and identify the need for any contract level changes or third-party infrastructure that could provide stability mechanisms that provide mitigations for adverse events. This was rescheduled from May to June to better meet the needs of our subject matter experts.
  • Security testing of mainnet-1 Preview Release on devnet
    When available, the feature-complete preview release will be the target of rigorous product security testing that includes static analysis, fuzzing, and pentests that challenge the security assumptions of the code running on devnet.
  • Comprehensive threat modeling of the Agoric Stack
    Threat modeling is a critical component of a secure development lifecycle because it provides tools for reasoning about risk in systems and architecture. In advance of mainnet-1 launch, this security documentation will be available with sequence and component diagrams. Learn more