At the end of 2021, some 48,000 new token holders were added to the Agoric community, with $50M in BLD tokens purchased through a public sale held on CoinList. That sale is helping to fund the work ahead to complete and deploy Agoric’s hardened JavaScript smart contract platform and to support the continued development of projects on the Agoric chain. 

For a deeper dive on BLD utility and its place in the Agoric ecosystem, please read our Agoric Deep Dive. For those that took part in the recent public sale, here’s what you need to know: 

I purchased BLD in the public sale, what now?

If you purchased option 1 and or option 2 in the CoinList public sale, you will soon receive an email from CoinList that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an Agoric address to receive your BLD. Make sure to check your spam folders. If you followed the instructions and submitted your address but did not receive a confirmation email from CoinList, you can open a support ticket. 

Addresses will get processed and tokens will be distributed to your wallets by early-to-mid March.

What can I do with BLD once I have it? 

Once you receive the BLD that you purchased in the public sale, your tokens for option 1 are locked until June 2022, and your tokens for option 2 are locked until November 2022. Although these tokens will not be transferable until the unlock date above, there are several ways for you to become an active participant in the Agoric ecosystem as soon as they land in your wallet!

Stake your BLD

Alongside our active validators supporting our chain (which you can find on the Big Dipper block explorer), staking your BLD provides added security for the Proof-of-Stake Agoric chain. By staking your BLD, you become eligible to receive future staking rewards when they are turned on. Staking rewards will be turned on after the release of Mainnet Phase 1.

To stake your BLD, we recommend staking with the Keplr wallet for its ease of use and native integration of the Agoric chain. Please follow instructions on How to Stake with Keplr Wallet

Take part in governance

As a BLD holder, you can participate in key governance proposals put forth by the Agoric community. Some of the voting topics include, but are not limited to, the launch of Mainnet Phase 1, key smart contracts deployments, adjustments to economic policy, and when rewards, such as staking rewards, are activated. 

To take part in upcoming governance proposals, you have several options. If you would like to learn more about upcoming votes and issues that impact the ecosystem, head to the Agoric Commonwealth forum and create an account. Commonwealth is where community members can discuss open Agoric governance proposals and place their votes on-chain, all from a single website. 

In addition to Commonwealth, there are several wallets that display proposals and may support voting. Finally, if you’re comfortable with command-line tools, you can always go directly to the chain via your CLI to view or confirm the contents of a governance proposal and vote.  

Protect yourself, and your tokens for the greater good

Now that you’re a member of the community, you play an important role in contributing to the overall security of the Agoric ecosystem. In addition to following best practices like keeping your computer and mobile devices up to date with the latest software, you may want to add the strongest form of 2-factor authentication available to protect your email or exchange accounts in advance of the upcoming token distribution. To ensure that your tokens are safe and sound, you may want to confirm that any wallet extensions or hardware wallet apps you use are up to date and that the version you’re using comes directly from the developer that makes them. Most importantly, you will want to protect your seed phrase to protect your tokens from theft. Agoric will never, ever ask for a seed phrase in any way – via email, SMS, Discord, Telegram, Twitter DM, email, or a web form. And neither will Coinlist, or any reputable validator that offers staking services. 

Continue BLDing!

Now that you’re a member of the Agoric community, we welcome your participation in a wide range of discussions from the deployment of our upcoming Mainnet Phase 1 to our ongoing developer bounty program. Our channels are our sources of truth, and as such, should be used to verify and confirm the legitimacy of Agoric-related news. Jump in!

Agoric Blog – Announcements, technical updates, thought pieces

Agoric Discord – The developer, validator, and builder community

Agoric Twitter – Mindshare and community engagement (with frequent announcements)

Agoric Commonwealth – Governance proposals and forum discussions

Agoric Newsletter – Monthly recap of announcements, events, engineering updates, and more!