Secure smart contracts

Agoric empowers individuals to securely execute transactions, establish new markets, and craft novel patterns of exchange — without centralized control.

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Meet the Team

Founders Mark S. Miller, E. Dean Tribble, Brian Warner, and Bill Tulloh bring new perspectives to the table
as well as decades of experience building successful systems.

Mark Miller
E. Dean Tribble
Brian Warner
Mike Jablon
Kate Sills
Bill Tulloh
Meet the team
Brendan Eich
"I've worked with Mark on the JavaScript TC39 committee for over 10 years and he has done more than anyone to bring real world security to the JS community."
— Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, CEO of Brave Software

Read the Agoric Canon

Over the years, the Agoric team has published a number of papers about smart contracts, markets in computation, secure programming, object capabilities, and other related topics.

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