Smart contracts are generating excitement across the globe. Transforming that excitement into mainstream adoption requires overcoming the hurdle of security, and enabling application developers to successfully build safe smart contracts.

Creating secure smart contracts using today’s technology is inherently difficult. That difficulty has limited both the number of applications created, and the number of programmers qualified to create them. By adding an open standards-based object-capability (ocap) programming layer to existing solutions, Agoric will address both issues.

The Agoric™ ocap layer will include robust security properties beyond anything available today, and it will provide that security across substrates, from local machines to global blockchains. Compatibility with the ECMAScript (JavaScript) standards will let application developers leverage their skills in the world of smart contract and decentralized application (DApp) development, significantly increasing the pool of qualified programmers.

Making strong security easier to achieve is a vital step in enabling application developers to safely build and deploy smart contracts and DApps. Overcoming the smart contract security hurdle will ultimately grow community interest in building applications on top of smart contracts, and support expanded exploration of smart contracts and related technologies.

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