Say hello to Kado, a fiat on ramp service that now offers BLD and makes accessing interchain assets as easy as online shopping. The teams at Agoric OpCo and Kado are excited to share that this piece of key infrastructure is now live and available for developers and users!

What is Kado? The Latest Agoric Partner on Mainnet

Kado is a fiat-to-crypto on/off ramp platform that makes it easy for users to get started exploring web3. Now, Kado users can purchase BLD tokens through the platform directly to the self-custodied wallet of their choice. This makes acquiring Agoric assets quicker, and gives developers a way to integrate the purchase of BLD directly into their applications, this way users spend less time funding wallets and more time engaging. 

An on ramp like Kado improves the Agoric experience for two specific groups in the community: new members excited to participate in on-chain activities and developers building the next generation of interchain-connected applications. Whether you’re new to crypto or just wading into the Cosmos ecosystem for the first time, Kado gets you started in a matter of minutes.

Example image from the Kado website, actual interface may change.

Why does an interchain fiat on ramp matter? At its core, the Cosmos network is built on the idea of an interconnected blockchain ecosystem, where various chains collaborate and fluidly exchange value. Kado's integration with Agoric aligns perfectly with this vision. 

By simplifying token accessibility, Kado contributes to the growth and expansion of the interchain, making it easier for developers to build applications that let users participate in decentralized governance, collect their favorite NFTs, and more across IBC-enabled zones.

Agoric Apps Are Integrating Kado

How it works: The Kado platform handles the necessary requirements to safely acquire crypto assets using a wide range of fiat from around the world. With BLD now live on Kado, developers don’t have to worry about how new users will get the tokens they need to interact and can instead focus on leveraging Agoric interoperability to build interchain applications. Integrating Kado’s widget is simple and takes minutes, and developers have the option to more deeply integrate Kado into their flow via API calls.

Projects being built on Agoric are already in the early stages of integrating Kado. Kryha is building a composable NFT toolkit and immersive web3 universe. Kado’s easy integration process meant Kryha could focus on creating the best user experience possible instead of worrying about their new user onboarding flow:

"Kado's new fiat on/off ramp of BLD allows us to easily onboard new users onto Agoric and let them experience KREAd to the fullest! Their easy to use API and widget allows users access to their services directly in our app, saving us costly integration and development time so we can focus on creating an even better experience on our upcoming dApp." - Wietze S, Kryha

Another early launch partner, Mystic Labs is building Calypso, a powerful cross-chain trading terminal. They’re excited about using Kado to make it easy for new users to quickly set up their accounts and start using their crypto, without being snagged by gas fees:

“The biggest thing for us with Kado would be helping users new to Agoric that need to onboard for gas fees. Without something like Kado, getting gas to actually do anything is very hard for new users - that was our biggest draw to Kado.” - Joe S, Mystic Labs

For many crypto ecosystems, complex exchanges, lengthy transfer processes, and intricate steps with little documentation often discourage potential participants. Kado offers a solution that addresses these pain points head-on for applications building on Agoric.

Webinar: Integrate Kado Fiat On Ramp

Join us and the experts from Kado for a deep dive into integrating the Kado widget and API. During the webinar, we’ll guide you step-by-step on implementing the Kado on ramp into your Agoric application. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session.

🗓️ Wednesday, September 12: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET


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