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Pillar Series: Agoric and MetaMask on Securing Web3

January 21, 2021

Join Mark S. Miller (Chief Scientist at Agoric) and Dan Finlay (Lead Developer at MetaMask) in a conversation about securing Web3 infrastructure. The two will discuss the role of Agoric's SES technology in the MetaMask wallet and how it lays the groundwork for the extensible internet in a capability-first security architecture.

TC39 Meeting

January 25-28, 2021

TC39 is the committee maintaining and evolving the JavaScript standard. The committee includes developers, implementors, and more, both from industry and academia. Agoric's delegates include Mark S. Miller, Chip Morningstar, Kris Kowal and Dean Tribble.

Agoric Monthly Community Call #5

February 3, 2021

First Wednesday of the month we will share Agoric announcements, answer live questions, highlight community projects, and introduce new tools to help you build your application on chain. Set your reminder here not to miss our Community Call.

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