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Upcoming Events

Stanford Blockchain Conference 2019 (formerly BPASE)

January 30 - February 1, 2019, Stanford University

Mark S. Miller will be speaking on Thursday, January 31st on security and smart contracts. The Stanford Blockchain Conference will explore the use of formal methods, empirical analysis, and risk modeling to better understand security and systemic risk in blockchain protocols.

Past Events

OCAP 2018 : Object-Capability Languages, Systems, and Applications

During SPLASH, November 4-9, Boston

Mark Miller and Bill Tulloh organized a workshop on object-capabilities. Marc Stiegler gave the keynote speech on the "Lost Wisdom of the Ancients", the patterns that have historically been helpful for user interface security. JF Paradis from SalesForce presented on Salesforce’s use of a JavaScript ocap security kernel in its Locker Service in an ecosystem of over 5 million developers.

Research and Practice on Blockchain

October 27, Fargo, ND

Our resident economist, Bill Tulloh, spoke on "A Principal-Agent Approach to Securing Smart Contracts". Professor Jason Potts live tweeted it here, here, and here.

Web3 Summit

October 23 14:15 – 14:45, Berlin

Dean Tribble spoke on "The Duality of Smart Contracts and Electronic Rights". Watch the official video here

Blockchain Governance, Law and Policy Panel

October 11 6pm, San Francisco

Kate Sills discussed governance on a panel with Vlad Zamfir, Professor Oliver Goodenough, and Tony Lai.

SFBW - Agoric at SF Cryptocurrency Devs

October 10 7pm, San Francisco

Mark Miller spoke about the Agoric approach to smart contracts. SF Cryptocurrency Devs is an engineers-only developer meetup for blockchain engineers seeking to learn about the innovation surrounding new and emerging applications of cryptography to digital currencies. Watch the official video.

SFBW Epicenter - Authority in Smart Contracts

October 8th 2:20PM - 2:45PM, Stage - Titans of Tech

Dean Tribble (CEO) spoke about the problems with identity-based access control and how to handle authority in smart contracts.


September 25-27, NYC

Our Chief Scientist Mark Miller attended the regular meeting of the JavaScript standards committee.

Rebooting the Web of Trust

September 26-28, Toronto

Kate Sills, our Community Lead, attended the premier event for decentralized identity.


September 7-9, Berlin

Agoric sponsored ETHBerlin, an Ethereum hackathon. Dean Tribble and Kate Sills had a blast meeting more of the Ethereum community and learning about upcoming projects.

SecurEth Smart Contract Security Unconference

September 6, Berlin

Dean Tribble attended this meeting on smart contract security.

Centre for Independent Studies Consilium

August 9-11, Australia

Kate Sills spoke about smart contracts at this annual gathering of Australian politicians and heads of industry.

Decentralized Web Summit

July 31-August 2, San Francisco

Brian Warner spoke on “Fearless Cooperation: Giving eval() to your worst enemy for fun and profit.” (Video, Slides)


July 24-27, Redmond, WA

At the TC39 meeting, Mark Miller presented on the results of the Realms shim security review. Realms is a standards track proposal for JavaScript that SES builds on.


June 26-28, Montreal

Dean Tribble and Mark Miller led a workshop on smart contracts.