Hello from the growing team at Agoric (see job listings down below). First and foremost, we want to welcome the 40,000-plus BLD holders, who on March 30th received their distribution, following up the public sale at the end of 2021.

Listen to the Community Call 19 here.

Community Call: Join us on Wednesday, April 6th, at 9am PT (17:00 UTC) on Twitter Spaces for our April Community Call! 📣 It’s Staking Awareness Month. The goal of this initiative is to help our community better appreciate why staking is paramount. For everyone who participated in the public sale at the end of 2021, Staking Awareness Month serves as an alert for them to stake their BLD. More broadly, it’s an opportunity for us to explain in more detail the role of staking in the Agoric chain. Staking prepares you for voting on important proposals, integrates you with our broader Agoric ecosystem, and it sets the stage for future staking rewards. It’s also essential for an upcoming Agoric-associated protocol. Head to stake.agoric.com for more information on how to stake, and on staking in general.

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  • Get Tickets for the Prague Hackathon:


    On May 16 and 17, we’ll be part of a DeFi hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic. We invite all our community members to join us in Prague to build on Agoric. Look for news at




  • Community Roadmap:


    We’ve updated our roadmap in the run up to launching mainnet-1 and the associated protocol: agoric.com/roadmap. As the page grows, it will provide a useful timeline tracking to mainnet-1, the protocol, and community launch milestones, as well as action items for our community. And the roadmap will continue to evolve as we subsequently move from mainnet-1 to 2 and 3.

  • One-stop URLs:


    Validator activity is tracking at agoric.com/validators, and security updates are available at agoric.com/security


  • Sharing the Love:


    Axelar (axelar.network) has launched a $2.3M developer grant program: Build a Web3 super app that integrates functions from any chain in a single interface, delivering it to users in a single user interface.


    Learn more


    and apply for one of Axelar’s multichain developer grants. 

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Agoric in the News

The New Stack – Sui: A Blockchain Built with Smart Contracts Written in Move

Jake Ludington on “Agoric’s approach to create tools in the most widely used programming language, JavaScript.”

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Engineering Updates

  • RUNStake UI has been implemented. You can lien and unlien BLD, borrow and repay RUN, and see market/account data and history.

  • Parity Stability Module has been implemented. This allows the direct trading of stable currencies with RUN.

  • Launch of RUN Protocol via Governance, instead of hard-coded bootstrap –


    10min demo

  • We have the ability to invoke a method on a contract as a result of a governance vote.

  • Initial end-to-end testing of third-party oracle aggregated price feeds. One of our prospective price feed providers successfully reproduced our Chainlink oracle work to trigger the submission of prices to an on-chain contract that aggregated them and produced a `priceAuthority` that can be consumed by other contracts.

  • Restival: Our week-long Purple Team security review of RUN Protocol architecture and code surfaced two notable findings, and numerous testing, documentation, and code improvements tagged



    . During the review, we identified opportunities to automate security testing, improve tests, and develop tooling to exercise the code and economy through various scenarios. In addition to our findings, we also produced a series of new






    threat models


  • Initial support for “vat upgrades” has been added to the swingset kernel. Many features are still missing, but this will eventually enable contracts to be upgraded to new code (subject to governance controls).

  • The swingset kernel now supports “multi-facet virtual objects”, enabling multiple objects to share common state, but expose separate functionality. This allows, for example, Purses and DepositFacets to reference each other and common state, but be presented as distinct objects.

  • The Swingset kernel now provides “durable Kinds”, a special form of virtual object whose instances can survive a vat upgrade. Normal (non-durable) virtual objects are deleted during upgrade. The kernel also provides each version of the vat with a special durable collection, tentatively named “baggage”, which passes the “Durable Kind Handles” to the new version so it can re-attach behavior to the retained objects.

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Upcoming Events

These are upcoming events we’re hosting or participating in:

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We’re Hiring!

Come help us bring hardened JavaScript smart contracts and plug-n-play components to DeFi. Details at agoric.com/careers.

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