In case you missed our announcement, you can catch up by reading the blog post.

The inaugural Agoric Bootcamp is a comprehensive 10-week course, accommodating 15 students that will be chosen by the first lecture on April 3, 2023. The curriculum comprises weekly online lectures, assignments with mentor feedback, and opportunity for one-on-one support from course instructors.

Upon completion, graduates will gain expertise in Hardened JavaScript, Agoric's blockchain architecture, and implementing Agoric SDK packages for writing smart contracts and deploying scripts. The ultimate goal is to enable participants to deploy their own applications on Agoric!

Here's a summary of the curriculum:

Week 1 - Introduction to Agoric and Hardened JavaScript

  • Agoric overview

  • Hardened JavaScript introduction

  • Remote object communication

Week 2 - ERTP and Zoe Introduction

  • Electronic rights overview

  • Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol (ERTP) in Agoric

  • Zoe framework for smart contracts

Week 3 - APIs In Depth: ERTP and Zoe

  • Zoe and ERTP APIs code samples review

Week 4 - Higher-order Smart Contracts

  • Agoric smart contracts composability

  • Zoe framework implementation

Week 5 - REPL and Deploy Scripts  

  • Home object for REPL or Deploy Scripts

  • Home object for Dapp Developers

Week 6 - Notifiers and Subscriptions

  • Different tools to consume an asynchronous iteration

  • Interacting with a User Interface (UI)

  • How to store subscriber data

Week 7 - Multi-User Dapps, Lending Protocol

  • SwingSet and Cosmos Layer

  • Pool-Based Lending Protocol showcase

Week 8 - Agoric pre-built contracts & Price Authority

  • Funded Call Spread & Simple Exchange contracts

  • Price Quotes & Manual Price Authority

Week 9 - Inter Protocol (IST)

  • Interacting with Inter Protocol

  • Inter Stable Token (IST) minting components

  • Liquidity safeguards

Week 10 - Present Completion

  • Students present projects

  • Bootcamp ends

The first lecture will take place on April 3, 2023, on our Discord channel. If you registered for the bootcamp, expect an email in your inbox with next steps.

Due to limited seating, not all bootcamp applicants will be accepted. If you’re not selected, fret not; future education opportunities are on the horizon.

We can’t wait to see you there!