Agoric under the hood

How we're bringing better security and composability to the decentralized financial infrastructure of today.

  • zoe

    Zoe is the framework that protects your assets

    For those using applications built on Agoric, Zoe provides offer safety, ensuring that you get what you want or you get back what you offered, even if third-party smart contract code is buggy or malicious. For developers of those applications, Zoe provides a safety net so you can focus on what your smart contract does best.

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  • digitalassets

    Digital Assets are fungible or non-fungible bearer rights

    Digital Assets are electronic bearer rights that can be exclusively transfered or exercised. The right to participate in a contract is a derived asset that can be traded just as any other asset.

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  • endo

    Endo / Hardened JS Hardened JavaScript gives us firm ground to stand on

    Hardened JavaScript is JavaScript but without excess vulnerability. With hardened JavaScript, everything programs share by default is tamper-proof and programs can present hardened interfaces to cooperate. This is significant because JavaScript programs already use and rely on third-party code, including modules, packages, libraries, and user-provided code for extensions and plugins. Hardened JavaScript is on track to become a JavaScript standard.

    What Node.js does for JavaScript, Endo does for Hardened JavaScript. Endo runs guest programs in Hardened JavaScript, with all of the host’s interests represented with hardened interfaces and communicating with a CapTP object-to-object message-passing protocol. Agoric’s smart contracts are an example of guest applications running in an Endo host.

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  • CometBFT

    CometBFT is how we get consensus with fast finality

    CometBFT is the leading Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus engine providing fast finality. CometBFT and the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) are the core technologies of the Cosmos ecosystem enabling the internet of blockchains.

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  • ertp

    ERTP is how we enable trade and digital assets in simple JavaScript

    ERTP (Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol) is Agoric's token standard for creating and transferring tokens and other digital assets. Using the ERTP API, you can easily create and use fungible and non-fungible tokens, all of which are transferred exactly the same way and with exactly the same security properties.

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  • captp

    CapTP is how we ensure safe communication

    CapTP, the capability transport protocol, makes it easy to write safe distributed code that runs across chains and computers. It enables objects on one computer to securely send messages to objects on another computer.

  • ibc

    IBC is how we access Ethereum and Cosmos assets

    IBC is a layered protocol for Inter-Blockchain Communication. It enables messages to be sent from one blockchain to another with the use of intermediary relayers.

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Give our published papers a read to see how Agoric came to be a leading smart contract platform.