Are you ready to work at an open source software startup with roots in smart contracts that go back to long before they were called smart contracts?

If so, Agoric is the place to make your mark. We’re a remote-first company made up of committed and curious individuals who are dedicated to bringing the power of our platform to millions of JavaScript devs — and to the promise inherent in decentralized finance (DeFi). Our founders and early hires share deep roots in computer science and web3, having invented diverse critical infrastructure such as computational markets, JSON, and modern asynchronous promise objects, as well as pioneering the concepts and technologies of smart contracts.

Get In on Layer 1

Agoric is a Proof-of-Stake chain with composable smart contracts in JavaScript, the most widely used programming language on the planet. We make tools to enable JavaScript devs to rapidly build and deploy secure DeFi on-chain and into a thriving economy. By joining us now, you’ll be part of the foundational team making a serious impact on the future of decentralized transactions and the engineering that facilitates them. At the end of 2021, we secured an additional $50MM thanks to our public token sale, and we have a long runway to support our aggressive roadmap.


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Join a Team of Experts

Our distributed workforce hails from Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Time Warner Cable, Xerox PARC, the Free Software Foundation, Deluxe Financial Services, Uber, the IETF, and the World Wide Web Consortium, among other famed organizations — and beyond that, we work closely with some of the smartest brains in Web3, like the teams at Cosmos, Zcash, and MetaMask, just to name a few. Check out the Agoric Team page for more background.


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Get from Web2 to Web3

Whether you’re a blockchain diehard or looking to make the transition to a truly decentralized internet, Agoric is a great place to not just learn about Web3 but to help make it happen. Many of our employees have transitioned from Web2 roles in back end, front end, biz dev, marketing, operations, and other essential parts of our work.



Diversity Statement

We think a workplace that is diverse — intellectually, culturally, experientially — is the most likely to succeed.


Competitive salaries

We hire the best and pay accordingly.

Matching 401(k)

We double the first 3% of your salary deferral.

Generous Health Benefits

Medical, dental, and vision coverage


Flexible work environment

Next-gen Token Program

Earn as we grow

Unlimited Vacations

Take the time to log off and reboot.