Take Part in the First Agoric DeFi Workshop on 10/16

Agoric announces the DeFi Workshops, a series dedicated to building DeFi apps, including smart contracts, covered calls, AMMs, etc.

The first event, on how to build DeFi apps on Agoric, will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2020, at 8am PST (8pm IST).


The hour-long event will be hosted by Dean Tribble, Agoric’s CEO. He’ll highlight how Agoric solves DeFi’s largest problems: user fund security and lack of true composability. In addition to showing you how to build a smart contract in JavaScript, you’ll get an early taste of what’s to come from Agoric.

How to Prepare

In order to participate in this workshop, please follow our documentation to set up your environment.

Additional Resources

Check out the announcement last month of our alpha launch, video of Agoric engineer Kate Sills talking about how to build an “over-the-counter” market maker, and our documentation hub.

Thanks for reading. You can join the Agoric community on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and LinkedIn, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.

Thanks for reading. You can join the Agoric community on TwitterTelegramDiscord and LinkedIn, subscribe to this monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.