Hello from the growing team at Agoric — yes, we’re hiring. See below. We’ve just finished up Staking Month out of a desire to educate our community with guides, AMAs, and other helpful resources. Thanks to all the validators who shared their time to provide guidance and support. And just because Staking Month is over doesn’t mean staking is over. Get more information on staking your BLD at stake.agoric.com.

Monthly Community Call: Join us on Wednesday, May 4th, at 9am PT (17:00 UTC) on Twitter Spaces for our May Community Call! 📣 We’ll be reviewing everything that happened during April’s Staking Month push, and discuss the BLD and RUN rewards and parameters for those who secure the chain by staking BLD. 

  • Meet Up at Prague Hackathon:


    On May 16 and 17, Agoric will be a big part of this developer event, running bounties and hosting workshops. Attending from Agoric will be Dean (who’s giving a keynote), Rowland, Vanessa, Jeet, and Santi. Details at



    . The first 10 people to use the discount code “AgoricGateway30” on the event’s




    will get a 30% discount on tickets.

  • Community Roadmap:


    We’re regularly updating our roadmap in the run up to launching mainnet-1 and the associated protocol: agoric.com/roadmap. Keep an eye on it for tracking mainnet-1, the protocol, as well as community launch milestones and action items. And the roadmap will continue to evolve as we subsequently move from mainnet-1 to 2 and 3.

  • Agoric Around the Globe:


    We have communities running around the world in language-specific forums, both on




    channels and on



    . These include Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, and “Singapore English.”

  • Sharing the Love:


    Via our friends at B9lab: The Interchain Foundation has launched the


    Interchain Developer Academy training program


    to help developers master Cosmos. Graduates will connect with employers and possibly receive funding for their projects. Agoric is excited to be one of the employers in the program. There are a limited number of free places on the program, so secure yours now! 

Agoric in the News

Chinchilla Squeaks Podcast: Hardening JavaScript with Kris Kowal

Kris and the Chinchilla host discuss the origins of securing code, the future of Javascript, and Chinchillas.

Hackernoon: Exploring JavaScript and Smart Contracts with Agoric CEO Dean Tribble

Answering AMA questions about the value of JavaScript, how offer safety works in Agoric, reentrancy, and other topics.

Engineering Updates

  • Successful launch of RUN Preview in devnet

  • Third-party oracle aggregated price feeds end-to-end

  • RUNstake implementation completed.

  • Incremental liquidations have been implemented.

  • Governance can change multiple parameters simultaneously.

  • All RUN Protocol contracts have implemented virtual objects / collections, for scalability.

  • Improved Kernel upgrade functionality

  • Kernel support for Vat upgrades has been implemented. 

  • We are now running scalability tests of the Agoric platform and RUN Protocol contracts.

  • We have monitoring and alerting in place for our mainnet and devnet follower nodes.

Security Updates

  • Completed third-party vulnerability assessment of Swingset. 

  • Continued automated fuzzing efforts using Fuzzilli to support XS memory safety with Moddable. 

  • Developed a Kubernetes-powered load generation tool to simulate real-world interactions with the RUN Protocol and AMM. 

  • Devised an Economic Stress Test to evaluate economic resilience of the RUN Protocol in a devnet environment in May.

Upcoming Events

These are upcoming events we’re hosting or participating in:

We’re Hiring!

Come help us bring hardened JavaScript smart contracts and plug-n-play components to DeFi. Details at agoric.com/careers.

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