Hi, everyone, from all of us at Agoric.The month of June marked considerable milestones for Agoric, including over 98% of the community approved turning on staking rewards, BLD tokens from Option 1 of the public sale began unlocking, and a hint at a planned Agoric community fund. Our team took the stage at Consensus 2022 with Cosmos ecosystem leaders to present a shared vision of the future of stable tokens, and we engaged with leaders in the ever-expanding world of NFT use cases at NFT.NYC. 

Join us on Wednesday, July 13th, at 9am PT (16:00 UTC) on Twitter Spaces for our July Community Call where we’ll cover all of the above and much more! 

Staking Rewards & BLD Unlock

On June 29th, Proposal #6 (to Enable Staking Rewards) passed with overwhelming support from the community. Now all the BLD tokens that are staked earn rewards as they help secure the system. Shortly thereafter on July 1st, the first 15M BLD tokens — or 1.5% of the Agoric network — unlocked.  

Consensus 2022 Results

The mid-June event in Austin, Texas was reported to have over 20,000 attendees!  Dean Tribble, joined by thought leaders from across the Cosmos ecosystem, shared the stage to bring milestones and updates from Cosmos and Agoric alike to a packed room. Community Roadmap: We’re regularly updating our roadmap in the run-up to launching mainnet-1 and the Inter protocol. Head to agoric.com/roadmap for a macro view of our community, development, and security milestones taking place in July.

Agoric Around the Globe:

The Agoric Turkish community launched a Turkish microsite that includes community news, a guide to getting started with Agoric, and the most recent announcements across Discord and Twitter. You can also find our whitepaper in Turkish!

Agoric in the News

GamesBeat: How the metaverse started with Habitat

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat spoke with Chip Morningstar about his work on Habitat and the rise of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) — and how his learnings from the game space are helping drive the evolution of the Agoric kernel.

Nasdaq: Enabling Developers to Rapidly Build Safe Smart Contracts 

Agoric Director of Product Management Rowland Graus joined Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks at Consensus to discuss enabling developers to rapidly build safe smart contracts in the most popular programming language, Javascript.


Binary Holdings Twitter Thread on $IST Read about how $IST is backed and how and why Agoric will make DeFi more accessible to developers.


Engineering Updates

  • Semi-fungible token (SFT) support is now complete, including wallet UI support. SFTs can represent anything from voting power to duplicate limited-edition NFTs.

  • Off-chain READ API and lossless subscriptions enable apps to read contract data via individual nodes rather than on-chain transactions, enabling the construction of more responsive applications with lower Gas costs.

  • Economic data from the Inter Protocol contracts and the Smart Wallet are now available via off-chain subscriptions, supporting economic stress testing, and future economic analysis of on-chain activity 

  • Much support for governance-controlled contract upgrades, system performance improvements, more efficient code installation, and general system hardening

Security Updates

  • Wrapped up a thorough independent vulnerability assessment of Inter Protocol, which surfaced 3 issues total: 1 low severity issue, and 2 informational issues that do not directly present measurable risk to the system. 

  • Hosted a Security Office Hour with the DCF focused on key management and double sign protections for network operators seeking delegation. Jessy (Director of Security) and Ari (Product Security Lead) are working on an upcoming series of technical discussions and skill-sharing opportunities for network operators.

  • Kicked off a round of vendor security reviews to evaluate ecosystem risk for organizations and entities eager to build in the Agoric ecosystem, or support $BLD tokens. 

  • Exercised the liquidation and vault mechanisms of Inter Protocol as part of the Econ Stress Test on xnet, with a focus on monitoring needs. 

  • Reminded the Agoric Community, in preparation for $BLD token unlocking, to keep an eye out for common wallet support scams on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. Agoric and the DCF will never, ever ask for your seed phrases or mnemonics in any channel or communication, ever. 

Upcoming Events

These are upcoming events we’re hosting or participating in:

We’re Hiring!

Come help us bring hardened JavaScript smart contracts and plug-n-play components to DeFi. Details at agoric.com/careers.

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