Happy New Year from the Agoric crew. It’s 2021, and we’re gearing up for mainnet. Our first monthly community call of the year is tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6, at 9am PT, and we hope to see you there.In addition, with so much development under our belts from 2020, it feels great to have the opportunity to share. On January 13th @ 7am PST (3pm UTC), Agoric CEO Dean Tribble will demo the core engine of the Agoric economy at Cosmos Demo Day!. . .

Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

Engineering News

  • Updated our loan contract to include critical features required for core Agoric economy elements.

  • Scaffolded our initial staking and slashing models in JavaScript in preparation for a buildout in Q1.

  • We verified key asset transfer capabilities, more news on which next week.

  • Shipped a number of helpers for Zoe interaction to improve usability.

  • Continued our progress on blockchain scalability through sufficiently deterministic garbage collection design and our XS integration.

Follow our engineering news at https://agoric.com/weekly-updates/.

Winners of Hack The Orb

Meet the coders who took on the challenges of Hack The Orb, a partnership this past November between Chainlink (the market-leading oracle) and Agoric (home to the composable smart-contract platform). Participants were tasked with building DeFi with JavaScript smart contracts. https://agoric.com/hacktheorb-winners/

Dean Tribble on the MikoBits DeFi Show

Our CEO talked for an hour on Miko Matsumura’s podcast about smart contracts, pluggable governance, and why Agoric is disruptive. https://youtu.be/AwI2vzS9oEY/

Pillar Series

The second of our monthly Pillar Series featured CEO Dean Tribble on Agoric’s public chain and economy. https://youtu.be/Xx-zIAMgaek/. . .

Events: Events in Which We’re Participating

All scheduled events are, for the time being, taking place remotely.Agoric Monthly Community Call: January 6, 9am PTCosmos UniFi DAO Demo Day: Jan 13, 7am PTKeep track at agoric.com/events.. . .

Thanks for Reading and Sharing

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