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Greetings from the Agoric crew, newly expanded by one thanks to software engineer Dan Connolly, longtime contractor turned full-time employee. We’re gearing up for the second monthly Community Call of 2021. It’s tomorrow, Wednesday, February 3, at 9am PT, and we hope to see you there.

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Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

Engineering News

  • We completed our first version of a user-facing Treasury vault application, allowing users to lock collateral to mint our local currency.

  • We completed a test integration of the Cosmos’ Peggy bridge, which will allow Ethereum users to seamlessly bring assets to the Agoric chain.

  • We upgraded our dapp-wallet connections to use CapTP, greatly simplifying the experience for developers and improving security.

  • We are upgrading Zoe’s capabilities to accept more complex transaction requests, allowing for a greater variety of contract implementations.

  • We are nearly complete in upgrading our testnet’s Stargate version to cosmos-sdk v0.40.1.

  • We completed the core snapshot support. It allows validators to quick-restart from their last checkpoint instead of needing to replay the entire chain.

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The Role of a Stable, Local Currency

Agoric economist Bill Tulloh on (1) what stablecoins are, (2) the role we see that they play in fueling a vibrant on-chain economy, and (3) their role as a fundamental DeFi primitive that’s fueled the Cambrian explosion of DeFi protocols we’ve seen in recent months.

Cosmos Demo Day: Ethereum Assets on Agoric

Rowland Graus, product lead at Agoric, shows how developers can quickly bring wrapped Ethereum (WETH) to the Agoric ecosystem to create a vault, mint the stable local currency, and utilize that new currency in Agoric’s AMM.

Pillar Series: Agoric and MetaMask on Securing Web3

Watch Mark S. Miller (Chief Scientist at Agoric) and Dan Finlay (Lead Developer at MetaMask) in a conversation about securing Web3 infrastructure. The two discuss the role of Agoric’s SES (Secure EcmaScript) technology in the MetaMask wallet and how it lays the groundwork for the extensible internet in a capability-first security architecture.

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Events: Events in Which We’re Participating

All scheduled events are, for the time being, taking place remotely.

  • Agoric Monthly Community Call: February 3, 9am PT

  • Eth Denver: Feb 8 – 11

  • DeFi Edition: March 5

  • TC-39: March 9 – 10

  • CrossChain Workshop: March 9 – 10

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