Hi, everyone, from all of us at Agoric. Last week marked our 23rd Community Call, in which we covered Dean’s visits to Seoul, Korea and Las Vegas, plus engineering updates regarding Mainnet-1, and much more. And if you’re a dev, sign up for Dev Commit, our new developer-oriented newsletter.

Join us on Thursday, September 1, at 9am PT (16:00 UTC) on our Twitter Spaces for our next Community Call. And meanwhile, check out the August call on our YouTube and read our summary report.

Scene Report

Dean is back from Korea with reports from two Korean conferences — HackATOM and BUIDL Asia — and from Zcon3 in Las Vegas. Read more in the Community Call report.

Governance Proposals There are several currently in the works, including: (a) Enabling IBC, (b) the Economic Committee, and (c) the Community Fund. You can follow the progress on Commonwealth

Community Roadmap We’re regularly updating our roadmap in the run-up to launching mainnet-1 and the Inter protocol. Head to agoric.com/roadmap for a macro view of our community, development, and security milestones taking place in August.

Office Hours Recap Video If you missed our recent Office Hours meet-up, you can catch up with the video.


Kryha Case Study

The Amsterdam-based team Kryha have been testing and working on the Agoric platform for some time now. In their recent blog post, shared below, they lay out the launch of their Web3 service, and the ongoing development of their own KREAd.app, an engaging avatar-builder.


A Friendly Futurist: Towards Society 5.0

Vanessa Pestritto, a Director of Partnerships at Agoric, spoke with Dave Monk about DeFi and bringing millions of JavaScript developers into Web3.


BTCHabet Coverage (Turkey)

Turkish story, by Buğra Ayan, about Agoric’s underlying technology.



Engineering Updates

  • Can perform AMM trades with Smart Wallet with only one on-chain transaction

  • Off-chain mechanism for getting historical data

  • Zoe supports governance-controlled snoozing of specific incoming offers for invitations.  Provides a safety valve for the chain contracts.

  • Lien on Staked BLD — using the BuildBoost contract to obtain IST encumbers your staked BLD with a lien until the IST is repaid.

  • RUN renamed to IST in our codebase

  • Multiple Inter Protocol and kernel contracts now have “Reachably Durable” state for post-Launch upgradability.

  • An operability bug on Mainnet 0 was diagnosed and fixed.

  • Ag0 upgraded to Cosmos Gaia 7, paving the way for enablement of IBC and Rosetta integration with custody partners.

Security Updates

  • Coordinated the remediation of a


    Cumulative Gas issue


    that impacted validator node restarts. 

  • Invested in improving coordination and cooperation with core validators to support network upgrades like agoric-update-7, which will bring mainnet in line with the latest stable versions of Cosmos software. 

  • Hosted a Validator Office Hour with the DCF on 8/4 that covered a deep-dive into the Cumulative Gas bug in July, and improving network coordination. In partnership with the DCF, more office hours sessions and resources for information sharing will be available for validators soon. 

  • Continued security reviews to evaluate supply chain risk of various entities contributing to the Agoric ecosystem. 

  • Kicked off an additional security review focused on operational capacity and key management for validators participating in the Agoric Opco Delegation Program. 

  • Focused on readiness for upcoming vulnerability assessments of the Smart Wallet, Cosmic Swingset, and Oracle network for Inter Protocol.


These are upcoming events we’re hosting or participating in:

We’re Hiring!

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Read about the career paths of two recent Agoric hires: Turadg Aleahmad, Software Engineer, and Natali Rodriguez, BD Partner Programs Operations.

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