Greetings from the Agoric crew, just in time for our next Community Cal #11 (tomorrow, August 4). Hosted by Rowland Graus (Product Manager), we’ll dive into Phase 0 of our upcoming mainnet, the function of BLD as a staking token in our economy, and Phase 4.5 (Metering) of our Incentivized Testnet.

We’re growing. Check out the 8 job openings down below.

This month brought an explosion of media opportunities while our engineers were heads down finishing the rollout of mainnet Phase 0 and the upcoming incentivized testnet Phase 4.5. We were hosted by incredible podcasts including Altcoin Buzz, and The Erica Show. More linked below! 

We’ve also since accepted Gitcoin bounty applicants for the Chainlink Aggregation Contract and the Pool-Based Loan Protocol, with applications open for the Smart Liquidation Module and the AMM Curve for Like-Asset Pairs. We’re thrilled to see what these new developers bring to the table as they help us build the foundations of our ecosystem. Head to our Gitcoin page for current and future bounties! 

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Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

Engineering News

  • We have been preparing for Phase 4.5 of our Incentivized Testnet (Metering). In support of this phase, a number of threads are ongoing in parallel:

    • Analyzing performance characteristics of various validators from the previous testnet phase using their execution logs

    • Designing and building an initial version of metering executed at the kernel level (i.e., vats pay for their own execution)

    • Building functionality at the Zoe and contract level to allow contract developers to manage accounts to pay for their execution, and to collect funds from users

  • We have continued to progress on our governance design, which is oriented around providing transparency to users on governance functions. We are completing our initial end-to-end demonstration while the code undergoes strict security reviews.

  • We are completing our previously mentioned work on allowing liens on staked tokens to enable governance in the JavaScript layer, as well as a core economy function.

  • We added an attestation contract to Zoe, allowing users to rely on a third-party claim that underlying assets have been escrowed, even if those assets are not on-chain ERTP tokens

  • MetaMask visited Agoric’s Belmont, CA, office to execute a red-team security review of our hardened JavaScript (previously called SES) sitting at the heart of our platform. MetaMask will use our hardened JS for LavaMoat and Snaps to optimize their system and provide the extensibility necessary to enable MetaMask as a wallet for the Agoric chain and smart contracts.

Follow our engineering news at 

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Agoric in the Spotlight

On BlockHash

Dive in to learn about Agoric’s JavaScript smart contract platform, exponential composability, and Agoric CEO Dean Tribble’s views on the DeFi ecosystem

On DeFi Slate

Hear about our take on decentralized cooperation, efficiency models, and composability to scale DeFi for the next wave of developers.

On Chorus One

Agoric’s approach to hardened JavaScript and compatibility is unique. See why they’re essential parts of the Agoric ecosystem.

And on Brave New Coin Dean’s life work can be described as creating software that lets humans cooperate better. He wants to use technology to give humanity leverage to accomplish our goals and create a more cooperative world.

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Upcoming: Events in Which We’re Participating

Most scheduled events continue to take place remotely for the time being.

Community Call #11: August 4, 2021 @ 9 am PDT

The NFT Experience: August 11-12, 2021

And check our calendar at

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Work Here: 8 Open Positions at Agoric

All of the following positions are open in the US. and Canada unless noted otherwise:

Developer Relations

Partner Programs Manager

Community & Growth Manager

Director of Engineering

Front-End/App Developer

Front-End/UI Developer

Administrative Assistant (San Francisco Bay Area)

Information Architect & Technical Writer

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