Greetings from the Agoric crew! Wonder what we’ve been up to? Well, join our Community Call #12 (tomorrow, September 8, at 9am Pacific) and find out! The call will be hosted by Rowland Graus (Product Manager), and we’ll dive into:: 

📅 Mainnet Phase 0

👛 Keplr wallet integration! 

📈 Testnet Phase 4.5 Recap (and what to expect for Phase 5: Adversarial)

💻 Developer Gitcoin bounties

💻 Upcoming AMAs

🎉 Virtual (and in-person!) events we’re sponsoring and attending! 

Scaling, by design 😉

August was a packed month here, with podcast appearances on the Untold Stories podcast by Charlie Sherm, plus DeFi Times, and a JS-focused breakdown on DeFi Slate. We’ll be kicking off a community contest in our Russian, Turkish, Indian, and Singaporean communities this month, so keep your eyes peeled :eyes: on Twitter and Discord.  

Our infrastructure programs continue to build value for our engineering team. Phase 4.5 of our Incentivized Testnet closed in August, resulting in 933 completed tasks! Our Chainlink integration bounty was approved with two bounties (totalling $16,000!) still open for applications. 

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Engineering Updates

  • During the month, we ran the metering phase (4.5) of our Incentivized Testnet. This phase included the first implementation of metering at both the Kernel and Zoe level.  Many separate pieces came together for this testnet phase:

    • Updates at the Kernel level to track computation executed (“computrons”) for operations

    • A pricing mechanism to translate computrons to RUN

    • Updates at the Zoe level to allow contracts to request fees from users that cover contract costs to the Kernel

    • Updates to the Treasury contracts to collect fees and manage fee purses

    • Update to the wallet to display fees to the user

  • The JavaScript-level contract governance work entered deep internal review by Mark S. Miller, our Chief Scientist. The governance system is a mission-critical piece of the Agoric platform and must clear a high bar for security.

  • Agoric SDK was migrated onto Node.js’s own module system, removing a legacy emulation. This improves performance, developer experience, and makes Agoric’s code more portable.

  • Support for Node.js 16 was added to agoric-sdk

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Agoric in the Spotlight

‘Mr White Hat:’ The story behind a $600m crypto caper

How an alleged thief morphed into a self-styled vigilante who captivated the crypto world.

Hints of a Multichain Future

Interest in alternative smart contract chains finds new momentum, as prices of Avalanche, Solana, and Terra explode higher.

Agoric: An Ambitious Library of DeFi components

The world is talking about Agoric as an exciting JavaScript-based smart contracts platform providing developers with a secure and reusable library of DeFi components

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Upcoming: Events in Which We’re Participating

Most scheduled events continue to take place remotely for the time being.

Community Call #12: September 8, 2021 @ 9 am PDT / 16:00 UTC

BlockTalks AMA: September 13, 2021 @ 12 pm PDT / 19:00 UTC

Messari Mainnet: September 20-22, 2021

Hack This Fall: October 22-24, 2021

And check our calendar at

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Join Our Team

All of the following positions are open in the US and Canada unless noted otherwise:

Developer Relations Manager 

Director of Engineering

Front-End/App Developer

Administrative Assistant (San Francisco Bay Area)

Information Architect & Technical Writer

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