Developer updates, Agoric chain announcements, and more

Agoric is pleased to introduce monthly Community Calls on YouTube Live for developers, builders, and other interested parties. We recently launched our smart contract platform, which enables programmers to build composable smart contracts in JavaScript for DeFi.

About the Calls

The purpose of Agoric Community Calls is to provide a consistent place and time to share Agoric announcements, to field live questions, to highlight community projects, and to introduce new tools to help you to build your application on chain.

We will meet once a month for 30 minutes. Our first Agoric Community Call will take place on Wednesday, October 7th, at 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 6PM CEST. Future calls will take place the first Wednesday of each month at the same time.

Set Event Reminder

Our inaugural call will include the story behind Agoric alpha, the accessible developer experience, news on beta, and a special announcement. Learn how the Agoric public blockchain makes decentralized finance more exciting and less dangerous.

We look forward to speaking with you. Set your event reminder here. To stay connected on updates and talk to us on Discord.