BitGo, a leading provider of cryptocurrency security and custodial services, has recently integrated the Agoric BLD staking token. With support for BLD now live, BitGo users have access to the Agoric ecosystem while taking advantage of the custodian’s institutional-grade security and API integration. 

A Primer on Agoric

Agoric BLD supports governance, staking, and smart contract creation on Agoric, a general purpose blockchain for smart contracts. The Agoric platform harnesses the power of JavaScript smart contracts so mainstream application developers can leverage their existing programming tools and skills, making it simpler and faster to bring their ideas to life. The platform boasts a curated library of pre-built components designed for DeFi, NFT, and cross-chain applications, which streamlines the development process and helps developers focus on creating value.

A Shared Commitment to User Safety

With BitGo integrating BLD, both companies underscore their commitment to providing a safe environment where user trust is paramount. Financial institutions, in particular, depend on BitGo's custodial services to maintain the trust and reputation they have cultivated over many years. The BitGo partnership with Agoric and its safety features seamlessly aligns with this security-first ethos.

As the DeFi sector evolves and institutional interest grows, the complexity inherent in financial smart contracts also increases. Agoric smart contracts will become key for managing complex financial transactions, including lending, borrowing, and derivatives. The entry of more advanced players into the market, particularly those engaging with BitGo, underscores the importance of robust custodial services in tandem with Agoric’s safer JavaScript smart contracts. 

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For an in-depth look at how Hardened JavaScript is helping developers build safer web3 applications, check out the Purple Team Review of HJS vulnerabilities by MetaMask. For more general information on Agoric, you can follow on Twitter.

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