Aegis Trust Company, a U.S-licensed and insured custodian is pleased to announce that it is providing in-custody staking services for BLD token, supporting clients Agoric Operating Company and the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation (DCF). 

By integrating Aegis Trust Company’s custody solution, major BLD token purchasers and founding teams can store their digital assets in a licensed and regulated custodian. This combined capability is another step in cultivating growth for the Agoric ecosystem. 

“We are thrilled with Aegis committing to the Cosmos ecosystem and supporting BLD amongst other IBC enabled chains.” said Vanessa Pestritto, Director of Partner Programs at Agoric. 

The Agoric team was founded in 2018 by Mark S. Miller (Google), Dean Tribble (Microsoft), Brian Warner, and Bill Tulloh. Agoric quickly garnered support from the likes of the Electric Coin Company’s Zooko Wilcox. Initial funding for the project came from leading names such as  Polychain CapitalRockaway Blockchain FundGumi Capital, and others.

While most other protocols build smart contracts with less web-common languages, Agoric’s approach is to onboard Web2 developers into the Web3 space through increasing the usability of their platform. They intend to reach a state of “exponential composability” – where the ease of construction that Javascript provides will result in steady development.

About Agoric 

A layer 1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchain and smart contract platform, Agoric is designed to enable 17+ Million developers to rapidly build and deploy smart contracts in the most popular programming language on the planet, JavaScript.

About Aegis 

Aegis is a licensed and insured digital asset custodian. Aspiring to be the world’s leading digital asset custodian, Aegis provides institutional grade custody to service clients all over the globe through Aegis Trust Company, a South Dakota trust charter in the US and Aegis Custody, a trust company service provider in Hong Kong. Aegis leverages its ecosystem infrastructure connectivity to offer leading-edge products and a wide range of digital asset custody and staking protocols to its clients. Aegis is led by an experienced executive team with digital native experts coupled with senior capital markets experience at blue-chip firms including Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.