This April, Dean Tribble and the Agoric OpCo team were in Seoul for Korea Blockchain Week 2024, where Dean had the opportunity to speak at several key events to share his insights on orchestration, chain abstraction, and other trends in web3–including our upcoming API

Thank you to the organizers of BUIDL Week, Chain Abstraction Day Seoul, and Cosmos Seoul who put together high quality events that brought together builders and entrepreneurs from Seoul and around the world!


At BUIDL Asia, Dean Tribble was part of the "World of Chain Abstraction" panel alongside notable figures such as Vitalik Buterin, Illia Poloskhin from NEAR, and Adrian Brink from Anoma, under the moderation of Zaki Manian. This discussion highlighted diverse approaches to chain abstraction and important considerations like security, usability, and systemic risks.

WATCH: The World of Chain Abstraction at BUIDL Asia

Get the highlights in this recap thread or hear straight from Dean in April’s Orchestration Monthly.

Chain Abstraction Day Seoul

After a successful Chain Abstraction Day in Denver, the NEAR team ran it back in Seoul and invited Dean to speak about orchestration. Dean’s keynote addressed significant design and development hurdles in the web3 space that are impeding multi-chain progress. He also contributed to a panel that explored the potential of bridgeless technology, discussing its future implications.

Cosmos Seoul

The next stop on the Road to Cosmoverse: Seoul! At Cosmos Seoul, Dean gave a keynote focused on the concepts of blockchain abstraction and orchestration and joined Zaki Manian, Jelena Djuric, Avril Dutheil on a Blockchain Abstraction panel. Dean’s keynote elaborated on Agoric's role in promoting a functional multichain environment, emphasizing practical steps towards this goal, including Agoric’s upcoming Orchestration API.

WATCH: Cosmos Seoul Keynote

WATCH: Cosmos Seoul Blockchain Abstraction Panel

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