Multi-chain liquidity
at your fingertips

Build feature-rich applications that can orchestrate assets and services across the interchain.

Orchestrate seamless user experiences with a growing number of connected chains and services.


Orchestration brings it all together

Expand your app’s universe to new ecosystems and with new features by seamlessly incorporating the best protocols and most liquidity from anywhere in the growing multi-chain ecosystem. The best part? It’s already built into Agoric’s system design.


Async & Multi-Block

Turn your sandbox into a beach. Agoric supports long-lived processes, allowing your applications to await and respond to cross-chain actions.

How is this different from other blockchains?
Cross-chain operations are intrinsically asynchronous and multi-block. Most blockchains require programs to finish executing in the same block in which they begin.

This makes it challenging to design the intricate contract logic behind the most novel on-chain activities.

Async & Multi-Block


Timers offer a new dimension to your application. Whether building a subscription or mortgage, on-chain timers can listen to contract calls and take action at a future time.

Why don’t other chains use timers?
On Agoric, timers are easy because they fit smoothly into Agoric's async architecture. Agoric smart contracts can autonomously awaken and perform new actions at predefined times, paving the way for more intricate applications.



Teams throughout the crypto industry are working to create seamless multi-chain applications. Success here will unite fragmented liquidity and unlock new categories of experiences that combine assets and services regardless of which chain they're on.

Where does Agoric fit in the interchain?
Native connections to the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and extensibility to include transport solutions like Axelar's General Message Passing (GMP) give builders access to liquidity and capabilities across the growing interchain ecosystem.


The world is going

Users are increasingly exploring multi-chain solutions to solve their problems. Orchestration gives developers the platform to program those solutions, and access to the Total Reachable Value of the entire interchain ecosystem.

IBC Market Cap
The world is going multi-chain

Orchestrate the next big app

Build amazing applications with access to the best features across the interchain, from any blockchain. See what kind of unique, multi-chain experiences you can orchestrate with Agoric.

Explore Ecosystem
Stablecoin Yield Aggregator
Stablecoin Yield Aggregator

With Orchestration, build apps that can maximize cross-chain yield on stablecoin deposits.

  1. User deposits stablecoin with Yield Aggregator contract
  2. Contract scans the interchain for best lending rates with ICQ
  3. Contract periodically assesses rates and rebalances

All with a single signature from the user.

Cross-Chain Liquidator
Cross-Chain Liquidator

With Orchestration, build apps that lock and liquidate cross-chain assets for collateral.

  1. Contract identifies positions eligible for liquidation
  2. Collateral sold through the AMM with the best price
  3. Collateral is sent to liquidator’s recipient address

All with a single signature from the user.

What’s your multi-chain plan?

Developers are future-proofing their applications with Orchestration

Agoric Orchestration allows us to build asynchronous cross-chain applications, just like we build in web2.
Joe Schnetzler
Agoric Orchestration turns the construct of interoperability into reality, enabling Crabble to concentrate various NFT liquidity sources into a single user experience.
Alexander Lastovski

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Agoric talks Orchestration at ETHDenver 2024

Dean talked about all things orchestration and how Agoric can potentially work with chains like Ethereum and Solana to unify the crypto industry once and for all.

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Agoric talks Orchestration at ETHDenver 2024