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Our battle-tested community of independent validators secure our chain and support decentralization. They’ve also built tools and written content to get you up to speed with staking, governance, and how to secure your assets.

Start your validator journey with Run Books

Read through our Runbooks to learn about recommended hardware baselines, how to report a security bug, and emergency response practices.

Recommended Hardware Baseline for Node Operation

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Reporting a Security Bug

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Security Coordination - Emergency Bug Response with Chain Validators

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Validators Share Their Resources

A collection of resources detailing best practices for running your own validator, staking your BLD tokens, and much more!

Agoric: Staking Guide

Figment team wrote a step-by-step guide on how to stake Agoric and Keplr wallet.

Validators, Staking, Delegation

Nodes Guru team created a video overview in Russian on how the staking works as well as staking the Agoric.

Access Controls in Public Chains

Barbara Liau, James Prestwich, Conner Swann wrote a piece on access control in blockchains.

Agoric, enabling an interchain creator economy

OmniFlix Network writes on they are planning to utilize the Agoric stack.

An Introduction to Agoric

Edouard Lavidalle wrote a blog post about the Agoric stack.

Agoric. Smart contracts with Zoe

Vladimir Shulga dives into how Zoe contracts work.

Tools For Validators, By Validators.

Staking & Governance UI

Built a staking UI, which connects with Keplr, allowing users to stake their BLD to different validators. Users can select validators and select how much to stake. It summarizes governance proposals including statuses.

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Uptime Tooling Package

The tool package ChainodeTech submitted has the purpose of improving the validator uptime and performance.

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