Supercharge Your Asset Management

Ride the next wave in investment fund innovation, providing better transparency, accessibility, and cost efficiency for your customers with a tokenized US Treasury fund.

Why tokenize on Agoric?

Whether it’s a government money market mutual fund or a longer duration Treasury bond fund, Agoric is the ideal blockchain network to deploy your next generation product.

By building on Agoric, you can approach your tokenization initiatives iteratively, future proof your implementation, and ensure you have access to multi-chain liquidity.


Common blockchain challenges



Blockchain solutions can be difficult to integrate with your team’s existing application stack.



Blockchain networks can have high fees denominated in volatile currencies.



Security models can be hard to implement and resource intensive on your team.

Agoric makes it seamless

Stake Manager

Build apps that unstack assets and automatically execute actions.

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    Swap Maximizer

    Build apps with the best swap price for your assets, all on chain.

      Cross-Chain Vaults

      Build apps that lock cross-chain assets as collateral and mint directly on chain.

        Yield Aggregator

        Build apps that maximize cross-chain yield on stablecoin deposits.

          Specialized for token treasuries

          Agoric is the home for tokenized treasuries.



          Easily record fund prices on-chain, whether they be ultra-stable government money market mutual funds, longer dated bond funds, or volatile high yield securities. 

          Off-Chain Connection

          Integrate with your off-chain application stacks including consumer facing applications 


          Lay the groundwork for future innovation in digitized and tokenized finance and a robust on chain assets ecosystem.