The Agoric Team

Mark S. Miller, Chief Scientist

Mark S. Miller is a pioneer of agoric (market-based secure distributed) computing and smart contracts, the main designer of the E and Dr. SES distributed persistent object-capability programming languages, inventor of Miller Columns, an architect of the Xanadu hypertext publishing system, a representative to the EcmaScript committee, a former Google research scientist and member of the WebAssembly (Wasm) group, and a senior fellow of the Foresight Institute.

E. Dean Tribble, CEO

E. Dean Tribble designed the negotiation process and contract for the first smart contracting system, AMiX. As a Principal Architect at Microsoft, he designed the Midori distributed object-capability operating system. As founder and CTO for Agorics (acquired by Microsoft), he developed the brokerage information system for Schwab’s active traders, the WebMart system for electronic contracts, and the first electronic check project by the FSTC for the DoD. As CTO of VerifyValid and VP of Deluxe, his echeck systems have carried billions of dollars.

Brian Warner, Engineering Lead

Brian Warner built Foolscap, a Python-based distributed object-capability system. He created Buildbot, a popular continuous-integration system, co-founded the Tahoe-LAFS capability-based secure distributed storage system, and co-authored the prescient security review of Ethereum. At Mozilla, Brian developed a framework for reviewing modular browser add-ons, co-developed Firefox Sync, and led the security design of the Firefox Accounts login system.

Bill Tulloh, Economist

Bill Tulloh was a market manager at smart contract pioneer AMiX, was co-founder of the Agorics Project on markets and computation, and was a lead researcher of the Virus Safe Computing project both at George Mason University. He has served as a product manager and director of business development at various software companies.

Kate Sills, Community Lead

Kate Sills is a backend software developer, a columnist for the Cato Institute at the intersection of law, economics, and blockchains, and a board member of the Tezos Commons Foundation. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science.