Agoric Economy 101

Thrive alongside existing businesses and market participants in a secure, sound economy with consistent prices.


BLD - Staking Token

The BLD staking token secures and governs the Agoric chain and economy. The BLD token can be delegated to validators to ensure decentralized execution. BLD stakers are compensated for this role through staking rewards from new issuance of BLD as well as a share of Inter Protocol fees.


BLD stakers govern the Agoric chain and the Inter Protocol


The BLD staking token secures the chain through Cosmos’s Proof of Stake model.


BLD stakers are rewarded through BLD token issuance as well as fees generated by the Inter Protocol.


IST - Stable Token

IST, issued by the Inter Protocol, is an IBC-enabled stable token designed to maintain parity with the USD to facilitate economic growth and on-chain transactions.


IST is overcollateralized to ensure it remains solvent even in adverse market conditions


IST serves as a core stable token in the interchain ecosystem and may be used in chains and applications beyond Agoric


IST will be used to pay for execution of transactions and other critical chain services


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Token Allocation

Token distribution at network launch, excluding future staking rewards. Note - all locked BLD tokens may be staked. BLD staking rewards are not subject to the lockup and release schedules described below.

  • Early Contributors186,000,000 BLD18.6%

    Used to support development of the Agoric chain 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Network & Decentralization170,000,000 BLD17%

    Used to support programs that launch and decentralize the Agoric chain

  • Operations125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    OpCo future software development and growth

  • Foundation125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    Used for grant-making, community support, advocacy, and evangelism.

  • Private Sale125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    Used to support the development of the Agoric chain 2 year or 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Early Backers114,000,000 BLD11.4%

    Used to provide the Agoric chain with a financial bootstrap 2 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Community & Ecosystem55,000,000 BLD5.5%

    Used to fund community development, activities, and community fund

  • Public Sale70,000,000 BLD7%

    Used for chain decentralization Option 1: 1.5 year monthly vesting with 7 month cliff Option 2: 2 year monthly vesting with 11 month cliff

  • Advisors30,000,000 BLD3%

    Used for advice from experts 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

Frequently Asked Questions

As of September 1, 2022, the total supply of tokens is 1,006,745,147 BLD.

As of Sep 1st, 2022, the total circulating supply is 41,251,030 BLD. Through the end of 2022, the following is a conservative estimate for circulating supply. This estimate does not factor in slashing events or claimed rewards. Current total circulation numbers provided directly from the chain are also available here.

  • October 1, 2022:  43,670,064 BLD

  • November 1, 2022: 260,756,538 BLD

  • December 1, 2022: 281,200,413 BLD

Token unlocking happens on the first of each month at 3pm PST /10 pm UTC.

March 2022.

Please see the Keplr staking guide for easy instructions.

Check out the Keplr governance tutorialticles/governance-tutorial to participate in voting.

Please refer to