Economy 101

The place to deploy your DeFi application to execute safely in a sound economy with consistent prices. This will allow your dapp to thrive alongside existing businesses and market participants.

IST - Stable Local Currency

IST is a stable local currency pegged to the USD to facilitate economic growth and on-chain transactions.

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IST will be used to pay for execution of transactions and other critical chain services.

IST is pegged to the USD backed by on-chain collateral and supported by an Automated Market Maker.

The local currency and AMM are core DeFi primitives that the Agoric system provides.

BLD - Staking Token

The BLD staking token secures and stabilizes the Agoric economy by supporting staking, governance, and decentralization.

Fees paid in IST generated in the Agoric economy flow to support staking and the security of the chain.

Stakers receive liquidity to spend in the economy based on their staking and participation.

BLD holders are key to governing Agoric by voting on important proposals.

Built to leverage the multichain ecosystem

Using IBC and the Gravity Bridge, assets from external chains like the Cosmos Hub and Ethereum can participate in our economy.