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Thrive in a two-token system built for user demand across global capital markets.


BLD - Native Token

BLD can be used for staking, voting, creating wallets, and paying transaction fees on Agoric. The BLD token is supported by self custody wallets, institutional custodians, decentralized exchanges, and centralized exchanges.


Secure the network

Stake your BLD to contribute to the security of the network while earning staking rewards.

Stake your BLD

Vote in governance

Contribute your voice to the future of Agoric by voting on governance proposals.

Explore governance


BLD stakers are rewarded through BLD token issuance and fees generated by Inter Protocol.

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IST - Stable Token

IST can be used to pay for gas fees and has an increasing number of use cases across the interchain in other Cosmos zones. The native fee token of the Agoric platform, IST is a decentralized, risk-managed, over-collateralized stable token issued by Inter Protocol.


Open Vault

Inter Protocol Vaults are over-collateralized, enabling you to mint IST against assets like ATOM and stATOM to unlock additional utility.

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Mint IST

Inter Protocol's PSM application enables you to mint IST 1:1 for assets like USDT and USDC.

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Explore Connections

NFTs. DeFi. IST has a rapidly growing number of use cases across the interchain.

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Send and receive BLD or IST with one of multiple wallet solutions available.

agoric economy wallets keplr

Browser extension and mobile app wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

agoric economy wallets leap

Web and mobile wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

agoric economy wallets metamask

The world’s most popular crypto wallet, now available for Cosmos through Snaps.


How-To Guides


Create a Wallet

An easy walk-through guide with Keplr wallet.

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Stake your BLD

Learn how to stake your assets, secure the network, and earn rewards with this quick guide.

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Vote in Governance

This tutorial will show you how to participate in governance by casting votes.

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Token Allocation

Token distribution at network launch, excluding future staking rewards. Note - all locked BLD tokens may be staked. BLD staking rewards are not subject to the lockup and release schedules described below.

  • Early Contributors186,000,000 BLD18.6%

    Used to support development of the Agoric chain 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Network & Decentralization170,000,000 BLD17%

    Used to support programs that launch and decentralize the Agoric chain

  • Operations125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    OpCo future software development and growth

  • Foundation125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    Used for grant-making, community support, advocacy, and evangelism.

  • Private Sale125,000,000 BLD12.5%

    Used to support the development of the Agoric chain 2 year or 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Early Backers114,000,000 BLD11.4%

    Used to provide the Agoric chain with a financial bootstrap 2 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

  • Community & Ecosystem55,000,000 BLD5.5%

    Used to fund community development, activities, and community fund

  • Public Sale70,000,000 BLD7%

    Used for chain decentralization Option 1: 1.5 year monthly vesting with 7 month cliff Option 2: 2 year monthly vesting with 11 month cliff

  • Advisors30,000,000 BLD3%

    Used for advice from experts 4 year monthly vesting with 1 year cliff

Frequently Asked Questions

As of Q4 2023, the total supply of tokens is 1,060,000,000 BLD.

As of Q4 2023, the total circulating supply is 649,159,296 BLD. This estimate does not factor in slashing events or claimed rewards. Current total circulation numbers provided directly from the chain are also available here.

Token unlocking happens on the first of each month at 3pm PST /10 pm UTC.

March 2022.

Staking BLD is available through the Keplr or Leap wallets.

Governance proposals are posted to the Agoric forum where community members, developers, and other stakeholders can discuss on-chain governance items. Votes are cast from your wallet during the voting period. If you have BLD staked and delegated, please read Keplr's Governance Tutorial.

The Inter Protocol website has the IST litepaper, resources on Vaults, and an IST dashboard with information on supply, utilization rate, reserve assets, and more.