DeFi Is Here

Choose your DeFi legos, compose your dapp, and deploy on the Agoric chain.

See how it works

With just a few lines of code in JavaScript you can reuse a smart contract component that your users know and trust.

const { creatorFacet } = await E(zoe).startInstance(
E(creatorFacet).makeQuote(price, assets, timeAuth, deadline);

A straightforward development process

Every step of your application's journey has been considered to save you time and resources. From idea to deployment like never before.


Choose Components

Choose components from our library that best fit your project's requirements.


Build Dapp

Add your unique elements to the components to build your dapp.


Deploy to Market

Use the deployment mechanisms to deploy on chain and create new contract instances.

Components à la carte

Agoric is built on a JavaScript library of reusable, composable components coded by experienced community members.

The Basics

Local Currency

Accept IST in your contract with a couple lines of code.


Fungible Tokens

Launch your own project token quickly using ERTP.


Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible token rights management is straightforward with ERTP.




Agoric’s “Swap” is an X*Y=K automated market maker that’s pluggable and reusable.


Vaults & Loans

Accept supplied capital, make loans, and charge interest.


Covered Call

An option contract that can represent a large variety of exchanges of rights.


OTC Desk

An off-chain quoting desk that takes advantage of on-chain liquidity.


Real-World Data

Price Authority

Easy API integration for pricing data, including proactively waking up your contract.


On-Chain Oracles

Implement the price authority API for on-chain data.


Off-Chain Oracles

Agoric’s integration with Chainlink allows easy connection to off-chain data and services.


Connect to IBC

Native connection to other IBC enabled chains.


UI Kits & Widgets

UI Widgets

Components for rendering of key Agoric ERTP concepts like purses and amounts.



Notify your UI of chain and wallet events and state updates.


React Dapps

See our Treasury application for a React implementation.


Connect with IBC & Cosmos

Transfer assets between Agoric accounts or bridge to other chains with ease. We keep interoperability at the core of the Agoric experience.

Connect with Ethereum

Appeal to Ethereum users by giving them a dead simple on-ramp through the Gravity Bridge. Ethereum assets can collateralize your contracts in seconds.

Connect with IBC

The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol ensures that Agoric can connect natively to any Cosmos chain and any chains which adopt it in the future.

Connect with Chainlink

Agoric is integrated with Chainlink’s market-leading oracle network, allowing your application to launch in a data rich environment.

A few ways to start earning

Agoric offers various financial pathways for your dapp to start earning. Below are just a few.

Token Strategy

Blockchain projects often launch a native governance token that may include protocol fee capture. Agoric’s framework makes designing and launching your token simple. Import battle-tested examples and make them your own.

Fiat On-Ramps (Soon)

Launching a product for users unfamiliar with blockchain? Agoric’s upcoming fiat on-ramp partnerships will make it easy to onboard users with a credit card or fiat-backed local currencies.

Interest Rates

Many projects want to monetize off of interest on balances in user accounts. Agoric makes this easy with block-level rate calculations, timing notifiers, and governance to manage it.

Direct Sales

Get paid directly by your users. Agoric’s local currency, IST, is backed by the chain itself and supported through economic activity. Let your users buy in IST and get paid immediately.

See Examples

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    Contract Templates

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    Dapp Templates

    A wide collection of pre-built dapp functions to build and deploy your vision faster. The raw JavaScript frontends allows you to jump right in.

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