Update: The KREAd application is live! Try it today.

We would like to re-introduce KREAd by Kryha, part of the first cohort of applications launching on Agoric mainnet and the first implementation of dynamic NFTs on Agoric. Using KREAd and the underlying open source tools (Gnab Gib), users can mint characters that come equipped with items in the form of semi-fungible tokens (SFT) that can be replaced to customize the character’s appearance and attributes.

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KREAd: A New Approach to NFTs

Blending elements of comic books and gaming, KREAd character NFTs have the unique ability to hold other tokens, SFTs representing gear characters can actually wear or special items that boost a character’s stats. KREAd will launch with an initial collection, the sci-fi inspired Sages universe created by artist Enmanuel. A changing story that evolves as events happen on-chain and in the community, Sages gives NFT holders a new level of influence over the collection’s lore. Users mint characters called Citizens, and the items you hold or have equipped all become part of the Sages narrative.  

Customizing your character

Users can interact with each other by buying and selling characters and the SFTs through KREAd’s in-app marketplace. Dynamic NFTs add new layers of depth and interactivity to collections launching on KREAd, allowing users to create, personalize, and curate their virtual worlds in a way that was previously unimaginable.

The KREAd technology stack

  • Gnab Gib: open-source developer toolkit used to build KREAd

  • KREAd: the application users will interact with to mint dynamic NFTs

  • SAGES: first universe launching on KREAd, by the artist Enmanuel

  • Agoric: Hardened JavaScript-based blockchain development layer

  • Cosmos: the interoperability layer (IBC)

Progress Report: KREAd's Journey So Far

Kryha first worked with the Agoric platform during a hackathon in 2020 where the team built an early implementation of semi-fungible tokens that was later added to the ERTP token standard. Beyond the unique "nesting" feature that allows users to combine NFTs to create characters and have inventories, Kryha worked closely with Agoric OpCo on improvements and components for the platform.

Among those improvements were upgrades which prepared the Agoric Smart Wallet to support NFTs and streamlined the mobile signing experience.

KREAd Preview at Agoric AppJam

Kryha is gearing up to provide an exclusive, in-depth look at KREAd and the first collection launching on the platform during Agoric AppJam at Cosmoverse. 

“After months of hard work and using the novel technology that Agoric provides, we are finally able to bring the next evolution of NFTs to life! Letting users express themselves through dynamic NFTs, while contributing to a story driven universe."

This is a big moment for interchain NFTs where enthusiasts can witness firsthand the opportunity for artists and developers that KREAd is bringing to space. Be sure to stop by!

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