Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a powerful and innovative technology, enabling ownership and trade of digital assets in new ways. One challenge that often plagues NFT owners is the liquidity of their assets. Crabble, part of the first cohort of applications set to launch on Agoric, is building a foundational marketplace for short term NFT lending to bring more utility to interchain collections. 

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BytePitch and Agoric: Empowering Developers with JavaScript

When BytePitch was looking for a way to develop smart contracts using JavaScript, they were drawn to the implicit security provided by Agoric. With a fully on-chain JavaScript VM under the hood, software development on Agoric inherits features like the ability for smart contracts to be executed across blockchain networks or periods of time spanning multiple blocks.

Agoric’s unique programmability enabled BytePitch to complete several bounties, including creating a liquidity pool, a crucial component of decentralized lending protocols, IBC Liquidity Mining, and an AMM Stop Loss contract. All of which led to their next project, Crabble.

Solving the NFT Liquidity Challenge

NFTs with clear utility can sometimes face low market liquidity, making it challenging for owners to fully capitalize on their assets. This liquidity issue can hinder the seamless exchange and use of NFTs, limiting their potential to add real value to their owners' digital portfolios.

Crabble is addressing this challenge head-on. Their marketplace aims to make the tokens more useful through introducing short-term rentals. Imagine owning an NFT character for a gaming platform, but you only use it during certain hours of the day. Launching with Agoric NFTs enabled and IBC capability coming soon, Crabble's platform allows holders to monetize an NFT's downtime by renting it out to others during hours when they’re not actively using it. This opens up a world of possibilities for NFT owners. 

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Crabble

BytePitch will be giving an exclusive, in-depth look at Crabble during the Agoric AppJam at Cosmoverse. This promises to be a valuable opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and NFT aficionados to get an insider's perspective on how Crabble can unlock additional utility for NFTs through lending.

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