Today we’re excited to share an update with the community about Calypso, part of the first cohort of applications launching on Agoric. Calypso is an interchain trading application developed by Mystic Labs. This team has played a pivotal role in creating MetaMask’s new Snaps feature using Hardened JavaScript, as well as developing the Cosmos Snap.

Mystic Beginnings

Calypso began as an Agoric bounty for Interchain Accounts (ICA) - available in the Components Library. When the team at Mystic labs realized the potential for Interchain Accounts, their work quickly expanded to become the application Calypso is today: a multi-featured dashboard that’s intuitive enough to be easy to use but powerful enough for advanced traders.

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Over the past year, Mystic Labs has been hard at work executing their vision for an interchain trading terminal and research platform. Users will have access to 75+ Cosmos and Ethereum chains at launch, with support for ecosystems like Solana and Bitcoin on the horizon. The Calypso dashboard is set to offer significant improvements for users managing complex positions across multiple blockchain networks.

*Please note all screenshots are early stage and subject to change

What Makes Calypso Unique?

Calypso's uniqueness lies in its ability to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their DeFi assets, investments, and NFTs, regardless of the blockchain network they reside on. Here are some key features that make Calypso stand out:

Cross-chain compatibility: Calypso leverages the power of the Agoric smart contracts and native interoperability via IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication). This means you can seamlessly navigate between different blockchain networks without the need for multiple wallets or untrusted bridges.

Intuitive user interface: The desktop app, with plans for a hosted version, offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. You'll be able to manage your assets, execute trades, and navigate the interchain and beyond without leaving the dashboard.

DeFi and NFT Management: Calypso isn't just about trading; it's your all-in-one DeFi portfolio manager enhanced with high quality data. Track your assets, stake tokens, participate in liquidity pools, and manage your NFT collections, intelligently and all from one place.

Calypso at the Agoric AppJam

Mystic Labs will showcase Calypso at the Agoric AppJam during Cosmoverse in Istanbul. Co-founders Joe and John will publicly unveil the Calypso user interface and demonstrate its impressive array of features. This event marks a significant milestone in the development of Calypso and highlights the dedication of the Mystic Labs team to pushing the boundaries of what kind of cross-chain products are possible.

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