Using JavaScript for our Zoe platform allows us to reduce the learning curve for millions of developers around the world, thus helping them work with smart contracts for the first time. To get you started, we have created some exciting and diverse challenges, each with bounty prizes attached.

You can follow any of our guides to get going. Why not begin with a reusable smart contract component that millions of developers could use in their dapps, or try building a stablecoin as an ERTP asset in JavaScript?

My personal favorite, a really fun challenge, is to rebuild our old Pixel Demo. Inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage, it’s a fun way to illustrate property rights. We’d love to see how you can rebuild it with our new architecture.

Summaries of the five challenges appear below, with links to the full instructions for each. And of course, if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you.

Happy building.