It’s officially fall! New weather, changing leaves, and most importantly, new opportunities. This month we’re taking our newsletter in a different direction. Shorter in form, but just as packed with the updates you’ve come to expect. Let’s kick off with today’s community call! We’re diving deep into our work to harden JS with the MetaMask team (featuring a special guest), hackathons, bounties, and teasing a new program we think the developers in the crowd will love. It’s all in today’s call @ 9 am PT / 16:00 UTC  Why hardened JS? Hardened JavaScript is JavaScript but with all the shared objects frozen so they are tamper-proof and certain powers like access to timers and random number generators removed by default. In Hardened JavaScript, code can be run in separate compartments with the shared objects and any powers granted explicitly. Hardened JavaScript allows multiple programs to cooperate without fear of tampering or interference from each other. Demo: Messari Mainnet Our CEO, Dean Tribble, showcased the true meaning behind Agoric’s Build Fast, Earn Fast approach. The demo highlights our IBC-enabled treasury, AMM, and how developers can build an NFT marketplace dapp in 35 lines of JavaScript! Watch Demo Interview: Women in Tech JAXenter’s diversity series aims to highlight inspirational women in tech. This month they sat down with our own Kate Sills for a Q&A about her work as a lead software engineer on Zoe, Agoric’s smart contract framework. Read Interview Developer Opportunities Looking to put your developer skills to the test and earn while you do it? Apply to one of our open bounties on Gitcoin and be a part of Agoric’s early infrastructure. We’re also sponsoring Hack This Fall 2021 with an NFT build challenge, so if you haven’t signed up yet, this is your chance!  Agoric Engineering Updates ✅ Completed an end-to-end demo of Agoric’s Treasury and IBC connections for Messari Mainnet presentation including an updated UI for the Agoric wallet. ✅ Merged our contract governance work which makes it possible for a contract’s parameters to be dynamically controlled by an elected committee. ✅ Updated constant product AMM code to based on learnings from the incentivized testnet. ✅ Launched a new devnet which includes fixes to Tendermint RPC performance which was an issue discovered in the incentivized testnet. ✅ Landed initial agoric-sdk support for Node.js 16. Merch is here! We’re excited to announce that our merch shop is live! We designed shirts, socks, mugs, hats, and several other items you can proudly rep this fall. Have an idea for something you want to see in our shop? Let us know on Discord!  Thanks for reading and sharing. Please feel free to forward. You can join the Agoric community on DiscordTwitterTelegram, and LinkedIn, subscribe to this monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.