DeFi: Bounty Hunter!

Greetings from the Agoric crew, just in time for our next Community Call (tomorrow, May 5). We’re talking about beta bounties! We’re introducing bounties to encourage devs to build. Compete to earn! These bounties, hosted on Gitcoin, will include:

  • Treasury dapp front-end

  • Completed Chainlink integration

  • Gravity DEX to Agoric AMM Arbitrage bot

  • Reimplement wallet UI in React

  • Keplr offer safety integration

We will highlight some of the bounties in this month’s Community Call. The goal of the bounties is to spearhead improvements to our tools and infrastructure, and to yield a better overall experience for users and developers alike. Head to YouTube tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, at 9am Pacific.

Proof we do get away from our desks. Possible proof of alien visitation.

Meanwhile, Phase 3 of our incentivized testnet launches this week. Following phases dedicated to onboarding and infrastructure, the third phase of the incentivized testnet is all about testing our staking dynamics. Validators will engage in various network, community, and challenge tasks to test our staking mechanisms. It runs for a week from 9am Pacific on May 5 through 5pm Pacific on May 12.

Our New Look

And speaking of launches, we’ve launched a fully redesigned and more comprehensive website with a brand new look, one that reflects the composability inherent in our software. The Agoric logo was redesigned in the process, further refining the Menger sponge we’ve long sported. 

Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

Engineering News

  • We built support for “virtual purses.” They provide an ERTP Purse interface in JavaScript for Cosmos-level accounts on the Agoric chain. This allows JavaScript contracts, wallets, etc. to use native and Cosmos accounts and tokens easily within Swingset.

  • We upgraded the AMM to support initial fee collection and extraction so that AMM trading fees can be deposited into the staking reward pool in RUN.

  • In support of the incentivized testnet, we built the end-to-end flow for BLD and RUN rewards distribution to validators and stakers.

  • We upgraded the ERTP and Zoe layers to use a new form of AmountMath that can be imported directly and that significantly improves developer experience.

  • We completed our shift to the XS JavaScript engine (pending testing), replacing our reliance on 2 million lines of complex runtime for contract execution to a platform with just 70 thousand lines.

  • We supported our incentivized testnet Phase 2 – Infrastructure, requiring a decentralized chain start, load generation and chain monitoring.

Incentivized Testnet: Phase 1 Recap

What a start! Phase 1 showed a full week of activity as validators gathered to complete tasks and challenges to launch their nodes. 

Testnet Recap: Phase 1

Pillar Series: RUN to the Gravity DEX

Last month’s Pillar Series covered RUN, Agoric’s stable local currency, and some of its first use cases in the Agoric beta and the Cosmos Gravity DEX trading competition.

How To: Connect Your Wallet

Rowland Graus of Agoric walks you through setting up your wallet to interact with the Agoric beta. These steps use Docker Compose and Visual Studio Code to get you started.

How To: Treasury & Swap In part 2 of our tutorial series, Rowland shows you to navigate the treasury and the Swap in the Agoric beta. Create vaults, manage an existing vault that you’ve set up, and learn how to swap tokens on the AMM.

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Events: Events in Which We’re Participating

All scheduled events take place, for the time being, remotely. 

Community Call #8: May 5, 9 am PT

Pillar Series: May 19, 9 am PT

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Bookmarks: What We’re Reading

A New Review of a Book from 1879

This book review of Progress and Poverty by Henry George questions conventional understandings of property rights. It’s a fascinating and pertinent read for those trying to decide how to manage the shared property of a blockchain (including the design of execution fees, storage fees, and funding of public goods). Especially recommended for those interested in Harberger taxes and the book Radical Markets. (Kate Sills)

A New Way of Looking at Trust in Media

A reminder to be conscious of one’s one biases when designing scalable governance: “People who most value loyalty and authority are much less likely than others to endorse the idea that there should be a watchdog over those in power.” (Dan Connolly)

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