Greetings this month not from Palm House in Belmont, but from the safe, secure, and respective homes of the Agoric crew. 

After years spent working on decentralized finance, we’re truly decentralized these days — but only physically. We’ve found sticking to our schedule has been good for us personally, good for our relationships with partners, and good for Agoric as a business. High on the list of Agoric calendar items is communal lunch each day, and these days we’re doing lunch via Zoom. Here we were last week. Not everyone could make it, but we had a good showing:

And speaking of virtual life, we have an online-only hackathon planned. We’ll announce more details shortly. This will be a great opportunity to explore Zoe and our new approach to smart contracting. We’ll be inviting participants to implement everything from sophisticated smart contracts like stablecoins to reusable components like auctions and order books. We will also be rolling out early support for Dynamic IBC. We keep updating our docs, and that’s a great place to get started with our stuff.

We hope you and yours are faring well in these challenging times.

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Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

Engineering Updates

All our efforts are focused on a new version of our stack, including new SES, ERTP, and Zoe APIs and releases, and improved first application and developer experience. This is all in preparation for the upcoming hackathon.

Virtual Hackathon with Agoric, Band Protocol, and Cosmos Spend the pandemic inside: join our Gitcoin Cross-Chain Hackathon and win prizes. 11 Things COVID-19 Taught Us About the Decentralized Workplace

Agoric’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Jablon, shares our approach to working remotely during the virus outbreak.

Offer Safety: Partitioning Risk in Smart Contracts

Zoe adds a layer of safety to voluntary exchange that hasn’t been seen before, writes Agoric software engineer Kate Sills. At Agoric we call that layer “offer safety.”

What Agoric Learned from the American Information Exchange About Online Markets

Agoric engineer Chip Morningstar talks about the early days of smart contracts, dating to the late 1980s, and the things at AMiX that register loudly in the work we’re doing today.

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Events: Upcoming Events in Which We’re Participating

All scheduled events we were planning on have been postponed, naturally, or are taking place remotely. 

TC-39 Meeting: March 31 – April 2; will be held remotely

Gitcoin Virtual Cross-chain Hackathon: April 20 – May 11 (more info to come)

Game of Zonesregistration closes April 25; launches May 1 

Internet Identity Workshop: April 28; will be held remotely

Consensus: May 11-13; will be held remotely . . .

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