Happy New Year! We’re delighted to share that on Dec 29th, 2021, Agoric’s public sale took place on CoinList. For a deep dive on Agoric and answers to common questions from our community, you can read the recent article on CoinList’s blog.

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Mainnet Launch Agoric is launching its mainnet in four phases to provide a smooth rollout. Each phase includes key upgrades and features. Mainnet phase 0 launched on Nov 1, 2021. Mainnet phase 1 with the RUN Protocol and is scheduled for Q1 2021.Phase 2 will deliver permissioned contracts and is scheduled for Q2 2021. Phase 3 will have permissionless contracts and is scheduled for Q4 2021.Validator Activity We’re pleased to announce that the Agoric agoricdev-6 chain is up-and-running. Please click here for instructions on how to join. Please note, this is a development chain only, with no actual asset value. You can follow up in our Discord devnet channel with any questions!Blue Lava 2022 Welcome to Web3 for Javascript Devs. Blue Lava Conference has been rescheduled to 2022. It will run for half days from January 31 through February 3. Participants will learn from industry-leading CTOs, product managers, and developers from some of the largest companies in the world. The organizations attending are actively integrating web3 solutions and presenting building the infrastructure to scale web3. Register here HackerOne Security Bug BountyWe believe that strong security requires strong collaboration, so we launched a HackerOne program to reward hackers who help improve our code! This week we’re also offering a $250 bonus to anyone who finds vulnerabilities with Zoe or ERTP.  Find a bug and earn!Agoric Engineering Updates  ☑️Vaults & AMM: Completing modularization of the core Agoric vaults and automated market maker to allow them to be launched and managed independently through chain governance ☑️Cosmos SDK: Contract and Cosmos-SDK-level work for getRUN. ☑️React Front End: Completed the new front end for the Agoric wallet in React. Significant work ongoing to improve back end wallet performance. ☑️Simplifying for Mainnet: Removed metering and fees tracking at the Zoe layer to simplify code for Mainnet 1 ☑️Chainlink Refresh: Freshening our Chainlink integration to assist a reference partner and prepare for Agoric economy price-feeds usage.Upcoming Events Agoric Community Call #16 – Wednesday, Jan 12 @ 9 am PT Privacy in Cosmos: Scalability Edition – Thursday, Jan 13 @ 8:45 am PT The VON3 Summit – Tuesday, Jan 25 @ 11:40 am PT Blue Lava Conference – Monday, Jan 31-Feb 3We’re Hiring! Developer Relations Director of Engineering Information Architect & Technical WriterThanks for Reading and Sharing Please feel free to forward. You can join the Agoric community on DiscordTwitterTelegram, and LinkedIn subscribe to this monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.