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Blue Lava 2022

Welcome to Web3 for Javascript Devs. The Blue Lava Conference kicked off yesterday. It will run through February 3. Participants will learn from industry-leading CTOs, product managers, and developers from some of the largest companies in the world. The organizations attending are actively integrating web3 solutions and presenting building the infrastructure to scale web3.

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Agoric Token Sale Drives 48,000 New Token Holders

We’re happy to share the CoinList recap of last month’s BLD public sale: 759,000 unique registrants were introduced to the Agoric brand, 48K new token holders were added to our community, and $50M in BLD tokens were purchased! Learn more: 

Introducing the Agoric Validator Delegation Program! 

We’re looking for high-quality validators to receive BLD staking delegations from the Agoric OpCo. The program will focus on our incentivized testnet, mainnet, and key Cosmos community validators to begin with. If that’s you and you’re interested, you’ll need to: 

🤝 Review the program & validator responsibilities

📝 Submit questionnaire by Feb 6 @ 11:59 PM PST Apply today!

MetaMask Team Launch Snaps

Snaps allow developers to expand the functionality of MetaMask at runtime. It’s the first feature to be released through Flask and leverages Agoric’s hardenedJS technology. We’re truly excited to grow web3 together!

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Agoric in the news

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Engineering Updates

☑️ Onboarded an engineering manager who led a full-team planning exercise to organize development leading up to Mainnet 1 and beyond

☑️ Began work with Simply Staking to develop Chainlink price feeds critical for Vault functionality, targeting a testnet deployment in early February

☑️ Planning Purple Team for the RUN Protocol contracts: vaults, automated market maker, getRUN

☑️ Continued development efforts focused on Mainnet 1 blockers: virtual objects, on-chain wallet deployment, and RUN Protocol treasury management

Upcoming Events

Blue Lava Conference – January 31-February 3  Community Call #17 –  February 2 @ 9 am PST ETHDenver –  February 11 – 20

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