Build Fast, Earn Fast tm

A Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing secure JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi.

Why you'll earn faster

Connect your dapp to a vibrant economy

Market Services

Easy access to liquidity and DeFi services including treasury vaults, governance, and the Automated Market Maker.

Cross-Chain Assets

Bring assets from the Cosmos and Ethereum networks directly to your project. A world of users and opportunities at your fingertips.

Resource Management

Agoric components help keep your focus on building your application, not on complex protocol integrations and third-party code

How you’ll thrive in
the Agoric economy

We’ve been working in smart contracts for decades, since long before it was called blockchain. Agoric was founded on open-source principles optimized for a booming, collaborative, public economy.

  • Public Chain

    Where market participants bid to have their transactions confirmed by validators. Stakers delegate their native staking token to validators to incentivize the correct execution of transactions, and are rewarded for securing the network.

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    Public Chain
  • Local Currency Machine

    A consistent unit of account that enables dapps to work together. Because they have consistent pricing, businesses can budget for the resources they need. Keeps services in a fair and balanced economy.

    Local Currency
  • Staking

    The Staking Market is where market participants in the Agoric ecosystem bid to have their transactions confirmed by validators. Stakers delegate their native staking token BLD to validators to incentivize the correct execution of transactions. Staking tokens give validators the right to participate in the network by validating transactions, and stakers earn rewards for securing the network. Validators who misbehave have their (delegated) stake slashed.


Technical partners supporting our infrastructure

The tools and resources to augment your project to the next level

Chainlink provides a decentralized oracle network

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IBC is a rapidly growing inter-blockchain communication protocol

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MetaMask is an industry-leading crypto wallet

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Roadmap to Launch

  • Q3 2021
    Security Audit Kickoff
  • Q1 2022
    Complete BLD token distribution
  • Q2 2022
    Mainnet Phase 1 - Inter Protocol Preview Release
  • Q3 2022
    Mainnet Phase 1 - Platform Preview Release
  • Q3 2022
    Mainnet Phase 1 - Inter Protocol launch
  • Q3 2022
    Mainnet Phase 2 - Permissioned Smart Contracts
  • Q4 2022
    Mainnet Phase 3 - Permissionless Smart Contracts

How your assets
are protected

A complete security architecture means you get to focus on building your vision

For Developers

Focus on what your smart contract does best, while easily partitioning risk and protecting yourself from bugs in third-party code. All in the familiar language of JavaScript.

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For Market Participants

With our smart contracts, you will either get what you wanted or get a full refund, even if the smart contract is buggy or malicious.

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Helping secure our ecosystem

Recent Publications

BLD Unlock
June 29, 2022

First Agoric BLD Tokens to Unlock: What You Need to Know Now

On July 1, 2022 (at 3pm PT), the first 15,000,000 BLD tokens — or 1.5% of the Agoric network — will unlock. In short, unlocked tokens will no longer be restricted and can be freely transferred. This milestone is an important step in the growth of the Agoric ecosystem and marks the beginning of BLD […]
June 20, 2022

Meet Turadg Aleahmad, Agoric Software Engineer

Turadg Aleahmad, a software engineer at Agoric, comes from a deep background in edtech — so deep that it dates back to high school, when he started making web sites on a SPARCstation at UCLA. These days he’s helping Agoric make smart contracts easily accessible for developers working with hardened JavaScript.  He brings with him decades […]
June 15, 2022

Gauntlet Brings Financial Modeling Expertise to $IST

In preparation for the launch of Inter Protocol and $IST, the native fee token for the Agoric platform and the overcollateralized stable token for Cosmos IBC, Agoric has partnered with Gauntlet to provide risk management modeling and simulations. Through our new partnership, Gauntlet will modify its existing simulation models to integrate into Inter Protocol, providing […]