Build Fast, Earn Fast

A Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing Hardened JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi.

Why you'll build faster

Save time by using our pre-built smart contract components and dapps. They’re secure, composable, and let you get your project out the door pronto.


Composable Library

Agoric offers a library of reusable, composable components coded by experienced community members just like you.

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JavaScript Native

Use familiar tooling to build smart contracts in Hardened JavaScript. As you grow, be confident your hiring pool of experienced developers won't run dry!

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Secure Architecture

By eliminating categories of complex security bugs, Agoric provides builders with a safer environment to quickly harden your contracts.

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Why you'll earn faster

Connect your dapp to a vibrant economy


Market Services

Easy access to liquidity and DeFi services including treasury vaults, governance, and the Automated Market Maker.

Cross-Chain Assets

Bring assets from the Cosmos and Ethereum networks directly to your project. A world of users and opportunities at your fingertips.

Resource Management

Agoric components help keep your focus on building your application, not on complex protocol integrations and third-party code

How you’ll thrive in the Agoric economy

We’ve been working in smart contracts for decades, since long before it was called blockchain. Agoric was founded on open-source principles optimized for a booming, collaborative, public economy.

Roadmap to Launch

  • Q3 2021
    Security Audit Kickoff
  • Q1 2022
    Complete BLD Token Distribution
  • Q2 2022
    Mainnet-1 - Inter Protocol Preview Release
  • Q3 2022
    Mainnet-1 - Platform Preview Release
  • Q4 2022
    Mainnet-1 - Inter Protocol (IST) Launch
  • Q2 2023
    Mainnet-1B - Platform Upgrade & Inter Protocol Vaults
  • Q3 2023
    Mainnet-2 - Permissioned Smart Contracts
  • 2023
    Mainnet-3 - Permissionless Smart Contracts

How your assets are protected

A complete security architecture means you get to focus on building your vision

For Developers

Focus on what your smart contract does best, while easily partitioning risk and protecting yourself from bugs in third-party code. All in the familiar language of JavaScript.

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For Market Participants

With our smart contracts, you will either get what you wanted or get a full refund, even if the smart contract is buggy or malicious.

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Helping strengthen our ecosystem

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