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Realms and Evaluator Shim Security

Two security bugs were found and fixed in the realms-shim library, so all users should upgrade to the latest version. A new, simpler evaluator-shim library is being developed, with a smaller attack surface. Future security efforts will focus on this alternative library. Read more

Zoe vs. the Low-Level Status Quo

Deciding to send a payment to a blockchain address can be nerve-racking. You think you’re getting something in return, but will you? You think you’ve looked at the contract code, but maybe you missed something. Contracts have bugs. If only there was a way to guarantee that the money that you send isn’t stolen. If you could guarantee that you would get what you wanted, or get a refund, that’d ad...Read more

TC39 Proposals

During the last TC39 meeting, 4 proposals we’ve been working on made it to Stage 1. Read more