Marketing Communications Associate

We believe smart contracts are the future of global economic exchange and cooperation. Agoric provides a platform for programming smart contracts securely and with ease, beyond anything available today.


We believe anyone in the world should be able to cooperate, exchange, and make agreements with one another safely and with ease. Today, in every sector of the economy, there are massive costs and inefficiencies associated with these interactions and their verification. Information gets corrupted. Packages get lost. Money is stolen. Leading institutional economists have called this problem “the cost of trust,” which they say amounts to ~35% of global GDP (that’s a startling $30,000,000,000,000).

Smart contracts provide a solution to this problem. A smart contract is a contract-like arrangement, expressed in code, where the behavior of the program enforces the terms of the contract. With this technology, individuals, institutions, and businesses can cooperate and exchange in ways that were previously impossible. And yet, today, even the experts programming smart contracts have been making extremely expensive errors. The current method of programming smart contracts is too hard and too hazard-prone, and the losses are too great. In the current blockchain environment for smart contracts, security is a major impediment to having the technology grow into the larger economy and mainstream applications. So, Agoric has a different way.

Agoric is a platform that provides security and ease in programming smart contracts, unlike anything available today. Agoric’s mission is to provide a secure smart contracts platform to the entire blockchain ecosystem. With Agoric, which makes it easier to build and deploy smart contracts in a secure subset of JavaScript, millions of programmers worldwide will have safer, simpler tools to build smart contracts and applications. In addition, composability enables rapid development and competitive advantage. With secure smart contracts, we envision unprecedented, widespread forms of global cooperation, and entrepreneurs creating fundamentally new businesses enabled by digital assets. Agoric is here to make that opportunity a reality.

Who we are

The Agoric team includes world-class computer security and programming language developers, cryptographers, economists, business leaders, and community builders on a quest to bring smart contracts into the future. Members of the Agoric team have been professional collaborators in smart contracts technology for over 30 years. Agoric works with many well-known projects, and is backed by leading blockchain investors and venture capitalists.

How we work

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and work primarily from our office in Belmont, California. We are a collaborative, informal bunch and encourage sharing, discussion and teamwork. We are looking for new teammates who are creative, innovative, experienced, and experts in their craft. You can find our open source code on GitHub.


We are looking for an exceptional marketing communications associate, with the passion to help drive the evolution of smart contracts and decentralized electronic markets. The ideal candidate is an experienced marketer, who is a self-starter and fast learner. Key to success is the ability to manage priorities and maintain focus in a rapidly evolving marketplace, while working with a small team of internal and external resources. Critical disciplines include marketing communications, social media, and event planning.

Key Responsibilities

  • Write blog posts, social media posts, and website content.
  • Edit blog posts, social media posts, and other communications for Agoric teamteams members.
  • Support messaging around events (including meetups, hackathons, and other company activities).
  • Align event communications with company messaging.
  • Organize and manage the Agoric editorial, content, and event calendar; make sure progress is regularly updated, activities are completed on time, and status is communicated.
  • Help develop presentations.
  • Be the Agoric marketing-communications interface with partners, editors, external PR representatives, and others.
  • Identify and track specific website, social media, and other KPIs to guide communications improvement and business focus.

Preferred Requirements

  • BA or MBA, and/or 2-5 years relevant professional experience.
  • At least 3 years in technology marketing.
  • Track record as a successful marketer at an early stage startup.
  • Marketing communication experience to open-source and JavaScript communities.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and professional communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel.

Nice to Haves

  • Background in financial services, transportation and logistics, gaming, or live entertainment/ticket-exchange industries.
  • Demonstrated interest in decentralized markets, blockchain technology, and smart contracts. Working knowledge of high-profile projects and competitive offerings.


  • Excellent medical benefits
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Exciting startup atmosphere in an area experiencing explosive growth
  • In-office lunch daily, fresh snacks and drinks
  • Collaborative, inspiring, fun colleagues
  • Opportunity to work with recognized industry pioneers and leaders
  • Competitive compensation including profit units

Contact Information

For more information or to apply, please contact [email protected]