Join Our Team

This is your chance to change the world.

Agoric is where some of the brightest and most passionate people create the future. Our computer scientists invented computational markets, as well as promises, now used by millions of JavaScript developers. Join us and help bring the world’s economy online.

To achieve this goal, we are building a framework for smart contracts for the millions of JavaScript programmers around the world.

We are looking for amazing people who share our passion and want to make the world a better place.

We’re looking for:

  • An exceptional Marketing Communications Associate, with the passion to help drive the evolution of smart contracts and decentralized electronic markets. The ideal candidate is an experienced marketer, who is a self-starter and fast learner. Key to success is the ability to manage priorities and maintain focus in a rapidly evolving marketplace, while working with a small team of internal and external resources. Critical disciplines include marketing communications, social media, and event planning.

  • A talented Director of Strategic Alliances, with the vision to lead partners, and the passion to find common ground in the evolutionary world of decentralized electronic markets. As an ideal candidate you are a self-starter and fast learner. You will be the primary Agoric interface to many preeminent blockchain projects and your insight, expertise and communication will ensure mutual success.

  • An experienced software Product Manager to help drive the realization and evolution of our smart contract framework. As an ideal candidate you are a self starter, fast learner, and excited about becoming an enthusiastic promoter of our mission. You will be working with a team of exceptionally talented and experienced developers who will rely on you for your business acumen and strategic thinking. In this role you will be responsible for the product roadmap and being the voice of the customer. You will be meeting with customers, technology partners, and others to gather insight and share our plans. Your internal constituency will also include the Agoric marketing, community, and management teams.

  • A Technical Writer who has a strong knowledge of coding and a passion for helping others. We’re looking for a self-starter who can take great architecture and code and make it easy to learn. Your deliverables will include code pushed to GitHub, documentation, papers, and training materials that will enable the world’s JavaScript developers to write great smart contracts.

Please share your story and resume with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.