January Newsletter

Greetings from the Palm House in Belmont, where we turn our free lunches into market economies.

Shown here, in a rare moment of formality, are some of the Agoric crew with friends and advisors from RMIT University at a recent event. From left to right: Sinclair Davidson, RMIT Professor of Institutional Economics; Jason Potts, Director of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub; Kate Sills, Agoric software engineer; Bill Tulloh, Agoric economist; Joe Clark, economist; Chris Berg, Co-Director of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub; and Mark S. Miller, Agoric co-founder and Chief Scientist.

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Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

How Zoe Ensures You Won’t Leave Empty-Handed

Aspects of offer safety and payout liveness inherent in our smart-contract platform, as explained by Agoric co-founder Dean Tribble.

No Blockchain Is an Island

Agoric co-founder Dean Tribble appeared with Tendermint co-founder Zaki Manian on the Chain Reaction podcast.

Smart Contracts

Agoric engineer Kate Sills wrote the encyclopedia entry on smart contracts.

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Events: Upcoming Events We’re Attending

TC-39 Meeting: February 4-6; Honolulu, Hawaii

Stanford Blockchain Conference: February 19 - 21; Stanford, California

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Bookmarks: What We’re Reading

Cosmos Network: Validator Overview Written by a Cosmos validator, this does a great job of describing the Cosmos validator ecosystem by breaking it down into nine different types of validators, share of nodes, and naming the validators for each type. This is a good read for anyone trying to get a sense of the scope of a validator ecosystem. (Mike Jablon)

A Cambrian Explosion of Crypto Proofs Eli Ben-Sasson on the expanding crypto-verse of proof systems and the role of symmetric STARKs within. (Tatyana Roberts)

Progressive Decentralization: A Playbook for Building Crypto Applications This makes the case that while decentralization is where we need to end up, we don’t want to begin with full decentralization; we need to deal with other issues first, including user experience. (Bill Tulloh)

The NFT Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Non-Fungible Tokens OpenSea wrote up a fantastic historical overview of non-fungible tokens. (Kate Sills)

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