# Zoe Pre-Built Contracts

Zoe v0.5.0. Last updated 4/20/2020.

While Zoe provides the means to build custom smart contracts, there is a good chance you will want to use one that follows a commonly-used structure. Therefore, we currently provide five pre-built contracts that can be imported and run on Zoe:

  • Atomic Swap - A basic trade of digital assets between two parties.
  • Autoswap (an implementation of Uniswap v1) - A swap that automatically executes upon finding a match in the current liquidity pool.
  • Covered Call - This type of contract oversees the sale and execution of a call option.
  • Second-price Auction - An auction in which the highest bidder wins and pays the second-highest bid. This version doesn't conceal the bids (an essential aspect of second price auctions), therefore, it should not be used in production.
  • Simple Exchange - A basic exchange with an order book for one asset, priced in a second asset.

If you want to build your own smart contract, start with the Zoe API