# Structs

# EscrowReceiptAndPayout

This is returned by a call to escrow on Zoe. An escrowReceipt is an ERTP payment which acts as proof of escrow and is normally passed in to a smart contract. The payout is a promise that resolves to an array of payments.

someEscrowReceiptAndPayout: {
  escrowReceipt: somePayment,
  payout: someArrayOfPayments,

# OfferRules

someOfferRules: {
  payoutRules: [payoutRule1, payoutRule2, payoutRule3],
  exitRule: someExitRule,

# PayoutRules

payoutRules are an array of PayoutRule. The possible kinds are 'offerExactly', 'offerAtMost', 'wantExactly', and 'wantAtLeast'. units should be a labeled extent.

somePayoutRules: {
  kind: 'offerExactly',
  units: someExtent,

# ExitRule

The possible kinds are 'noExit', 'onDemand', and 'afterDeadline'. timer and deadline only are used for the afterDeadline kind.

someExitRule: {
  kind: 'afterDeadline',
  timer: someTimer,
  deadline: 1893459600,