# Getting Started for HackTheOrb, The Agoric x Chainlink Hackathon!

Welcome to the Agoric Platform! This doc is a guide for developing smart contracts and DeFi components.

# Get set up to hack!

  1. Install the prerequisites

  2. Create the starter dapp

agoric init my-fungible-faucet
cd my-fungible-faucet
# Start the Agoric platform
agoric install && agoric start --reset
# In a second terminal
agoric deploy contract/deploy.js
agoric deploy api/deploy.js
# In a third terminal
cd ui && yarn start

Having trouble? Chat with our engineers on Agoric Discord (opens new window). Also, check out our more detailed documentation.

# Dig into our architecture

  1. ERTP: An intro to ERTP, our token standard for fungible and non-fungible tokens.
  2. Zoe: An intro to Zoe, our smart contract runner. Zoe escrows and protects your users' digital assets, letting you focus on development.
  3. Agoric Stack: An intro to the Agoric technical stack.
  4. Agoric Dapp Guide and Agoric Dapp Templates: Pre-written dapps with UI you can install as a template, such as our constant product AMM, Autoswap.
  5. Agoric Contracts: Pre-written contracts you can browse and reuse.

# Videos

Quickly get up to speed with these instructional videos:

# Next steps

For where to go from here in our documentation and learning about Agoric, see our Documentation Guide for links to ERTP and Zoe Guides and API documentation, a guide to Agoric distributed JavaScript programming, a Glossary, and more.

# Support

Need help? Chat with our engineers on Agoric Discord (opens new window).