# Before Using Agoric Software

Before working with the Agoric CLI, Zoe, and other Agoric tools and software, you need to install the following.

Step Action Explanation
0 Use a Unix-like environment You will need to type commands at a Bash-like shell command line prompt, such as is found in Linux, (MacOS, or Windows Subsystem for Linux (wsl).
1 Install Node.js, version 12.16.1 or higher
2 Install Yarn 1
(Yes, Yarn 1 and not a later version)
Yarn is a package manager for your code and lets developers share code with others. Code is shared via a package that contains all shared code and a package.json file describing the package. The link takes you to the Yarn install page, where you first select what operating system you want to install on. Your selection changes the page's content to give install instructions for that OS and links to the needed downloads.
3 Open a shell. The rest of this table's Actions take place in this shell.
  • A terminal on Macs; see Finder>Applications>Utilities>terminal
  • To launch a bash shell at a specific folder on Windows 10:
    1. Navigate to that folder in File Explorer.
    2. Click the address bar while in that folder.
    3. Type bash in the address bar and press Enter
4 If you already have a ~/agoric-sdk directory, update it:
cd agoric-sdk
git checkout master
git pull
In the next step, if you don't have a copy of our agoric-sdk directory, you'll get one. This is in case you already have one and might need to update it.
5 If you don't have an ~/agoric-sdk directory with Agoric's SDK content in it, git clone https://github.com/Agoric/agoric-sdk Get the latest Agoric SDK from the Agoric GitHub repository. It goes into the agoric-sdk sub-directory of your home directory. If the agoric-sdk sub-directory doesn't already exist, this operation creates it.
6 cd ~/agoric-sdk Change to the agoric-sdk subdirectory in your home directory.
7 yarn install Install NPM dependencies.
8 yarn build Build sources that need compiling. Note: build is not a standard yarn command, but one installed with the Agoric SDK.
9 Install the Agoric CLI by: yarn link-cli <agoric script location> Select a location for the Agoric CLI program. For example, yarn link-cli /usr/local/bin/agoric (or if that fails with permission problems, sudo yarn link-cli /usr/local/bin/agoric)