# Dapp Templates

When creating a new dapp using agoric init, you have the option of starting from a number of templates. To use a template other than the default, add the --dapp-template option:

agoric init --dapp-template dapp-fungible-faucet my-fungible-faucet

# Fungible Faucet Dapp

Github: dapp-fungible-faucet (opens new window)

Gives fungible tokens on request. Frontend is raw JavaScript with Material Design Components (opens new window).

# Card Store Dapp

Github: dapp-card-store (opens new window)

Mints NFT (non-fungible token) baseball cards and lets users buy them with their fungible tokens from the Fungible Faucet Dapp. Frontend is raw JavaScript with Material Design Components (opens new window).

# OTC Desk Dapp

Github: dapp-otc (opens new window)

Gives custom quotes to users, in the form of an exercisable call option. This dapp has no frontend, but does have a video tutorial (opens new window) that walks through the development.

# Oracle Dapp

Github: dapp-oracle (opens new window)

A generic way to interact with oracles such as the Chainlink (opens new window) decentralized oracle network. Frontend is raw JavaScript.

# Pegasus Dapp

Github: dapp-pegasus (opens new window)

Peg/transfer Agoric digital assets to or from remote entities via the Agoric Network API (opens new window). The Network API notably allows smart contracts written in Javascript to communicate between blockchains via dIBC (our dynamic flavour of IBC (opens new window), the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol).

Pegasus currently uses the packet data JSON format of the Interchain Standard fungible asset transfer protocol (ics20-1 (opens new window)). The combination of ICS20 and IBC provides compatibility with any conforming implementation such as pegging Cosmos (opens new window) Atoms via (an upcoming version of) the Gaia hub.

Frontend is React.

# Simple Exchange Dapp

Github: dapp-simple-exchange (opens new window)

A DeFi exchange with a naively-implemented on-chain orderbook. Frontend is React.

# Agoric Wallet Dapp

Github: dapp-svelte-wallet in agoric-sdk (opens new window)

The Agoric Wallet is implemented as a dapp. Lets the user hold digital assets in purses, interact with dapps, approve offers to contracts, and send payments. Frontend is Svelte.