December Newsletter

It’s been a busy end to the year here at Agoric. We debuted Zoe, our smart-contract framework, at San Francisco Blockchain Week, where we co-sponsored the hackathon. We also shared news of our IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) collaboration with Cosmos: the interoperability protocol connecting the global economy to blockchain technology.

Below are some updates on how we’re making smart contracts safer, more secure, and easier to compose, as well as upcoming events we’ll be representing at, and a few recommended reads on blockchain, trustless cooperation, and related topics.

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Updates: What’s Happening at Agoric

SES: Securing JavaScript in the Real World

Mark S. Miller, Agoric’s Chief Scientist, on real-world examples of SES in action. SES is a JavaScript runtime library for running such third-party code safely inside a featherweight compartment.

Smart Contracts & Funding Public Goods

Kate Sills, Software Engineer at Agoric, explains the design choices for the secure smart contract framework we’ve developed, and how we incorporate e-rights into an interoperable cross-chain world.

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Events: Upcoming Events We’re Attending

Learn About Binance Chain, TrustWallet, Tellor, Agoric, and Cosmos: December 12, 2019; BitTemple, San Francisco, California

CodeX Weekly Meeting: December 12, 2019; Stanford University, California

TC-39 Meeting: February 4-6, 2020; Honolulu, Hawaii

TC39 Meeting: March 31 - April 2, 2020; Cupertino, California

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Bookmarks: What We’re Reading

Cross-chain Deals and Adversarial Commerce An academic paper (Herlihy, Liskov, and Shrira) on a new way of thinking about trustless cooperation, which has a lot of parallels with our approach. (Chris Hibbert)

Cryptoqueen: How This Woman Scammed the World, Then Vanished I had never heard of OneCoin, but it struck me that many people have been exposed to cryptocurrency scams like this, and it’s our responsibility to do better as we build real products. (Kate Sills)

Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later Vitalik updates his 2014 list of hard problems in math, computer science, and economics that are important for the cryptocurrency space. (Bill Tulloh)

Banking on the Future Angela Strange, a partner at a16z, adroitly captures fundamental problems in the retail global banking system and lays out a solid roadmap to where it’s going. (Mike Jablon)

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