Build faster, more secure with JavaScript DeFi Smart Contracts

During the Cosmos HackAtom V virtual hackathon (October 16 – 30), use the Agoric platform to tackle a challenge and win one of the many DeFi prizes.Find out how building with Agoric’s composable, reusable DeFi legos helps protect you from the dangers of smart contract theft — all while saving you time and making the JavaScript development experience better. To get you started, Agoric will introduce the existing DeFi components that you can build on, including NFTs, atomic swap, covered call options, and AMMs. We will further show how to produce your own components and combine components into new DeFi dapps in the Cosmos ecosystem. Sign up for the DeFi Smart Contracts in JavaScript workshop hosted by Agoric, Saturday, October 17th, 9AM PST, to learn more.For technical support, Agoric will be available for regular mentor sessions at 9AM PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the hackathon. Agoric mentors during HackAtom V will include CEO Dean Tribble, engineers Kate Sills and Michael Fig, and product management head Rowland Graus.

About HackAtom V

HackAtom V is the latest online Cosmos hackathon, focused on interchain-composable concepts. $50K in prizes will be awarded at HackAtom V. These include the Gringotts Award (best DeFi app using Cosmos SDK), the WormholeWhole Award (best use of Cosmos to provide interoperability with Peggy or Ethermint), the Gaia Award (best go-to-market for Cosmos Hub), the Galileo Award (most creative dAppchain using cosmosSDK and Tendermint [required] with the option to use IBC),and the Community Choice Award. Details at

Caveat Coder

Agoric is integrated with Stargate v0.4, which is the frontier of the Cosmos SDK. You are traveling to the cutting edge. You may experience rocky integration and bugs that go bump in the night. Agoric is a next generation platform still under development. It is built on the upcoming Cosmos Stargate release (0.4.0), so please be patient with any infrastructure bugs, and we will strive to make sure they are addressed promptly to help you leverage all these new features to build amazing software.

How to Prepare

In order to participate in this workshop, please follow this installation guide.

Additional Resources

Check out the announcement last month of our alpha launch, video of Agoric engineer Kate Sills talking about how to build an “over-the-counter” market maker, and our documentation hub.Thanks for reading. You can join the Agoric community on TwitterTelegramDiscord and LinkedIn, subscribe to this monthly newsletter, and catch us at upcoming events.