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Greetings from the Agoric crew! In an attempt to make our content as accessible as possible, we will start pushing our newsletter Rundowns to our Blog. This month we talk Mainnet roll-out schedule, the upcoming Gitcoin developer bounties, and a whole collection of engineering updates spanning the treasury, our testnet, refactoring Zoe, and much more.

Community Call #9
We break down our Mainnet launch schedule, upcoming bounties, and what our engineers are working on behind the scenes.

We’re Hiring!
We posted 9 new positions across marketing, business development, operations, and engineering.

Upcoming Events

Reddit Cosmos AMA with Dean Tribble
June 11, 2021 @ 1 pm PDT

Engineering News

  • Completed the full staking and rewards round trip for BLD holders to receive rewards in RUN at the Cosmos level, use them in the Agoric Treasury to buy BLD at the JavaScript level, and then stake that BLD in Cosmos
    • One of our testnet validators used this ability to build a script to dramatically compound his rewards!
    • Note: RUN reward distribution still requires additional work to align to correct amounts by BLD stake level

  • We launched and supported the Staking Dynamics phase of our Incentivized Testnet that required significant coordination across the team
    • Managed a decentralized chain start where Agoric did not run nodes
    • Built and operated a bot to generate consistent load and economy fees by trading on the AMM and creating Treasury vaults
    • Updated the AMM and Treasury to fix an issue that caused trades to fail — and validated that offer safety protected users!
    • Evaluated chain load and responded to issues in real-time as interactions between the newly launched XS platform and our Treasury layers exposed performance bottlenecks and bugs

  • Since the closing of the Staking Dynamics phase, we have been focused on improving on issues we saw during the phase:
    • Continuing GC implementation to support large scale and very long-lived contracts
    • Isolating chain performance issues across vats
    • Completed a refactoring of Zoe that supports improved analysis of memory usage
    • Working with Moddable on XS-specific issues exposed during the testnet

  • Began our initial build-out of governance capabilities to create an end-to-end flow for chain votes to update core treasury parameter values, policies, and contracts

  • Began implementing epoch-based staking in JavaScript

Follow our engineering news at https://agoric.com/changelogs/ 

Recent Publications

Agoric Explained: What’s Zoe?
An introduction to the service that dApp users and developers interact with to mint tokens, trade digital assets, and create sophisticated financial derivatives

Testnet Phase 2 Recap
Decentralized chain launch and infrastructure testing. Let’s go through what we learned, and which validator projects won top honors.

Access Controls in Public Chains
A guest post by Barbara Liau, James Prestwich, and Conner Swann

Bookmarks: What We’re Reading

DeFi Uncovered: The State of DeFi
There’s a vast amount of DeFi reading material across pubs, tweets, and beyond. In fact, it can get overwhelming. This article by Glassnode, in my opinion, does a really solid job of condensing the current DeFi landscape into key segments (DEXs, TVL, Projects, Market Shifts, etc.). If you’re into graphs and general analytics, you’ll find everything you need to walk away with a clear picture of how the industry is moving. (Santiago Semino)

Looking at Trust in Media
A reminder to be conscious of one’s one biases when designing scalable governance: “People who most value loyalty and authority are much less likely than others to endorse the idea that there should be a watchdog over those in power.” (Dan Connolly)

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